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Your Favorite Orange County Bookkeeper Introducing Cool Tech Tools: Zoom



Your Favorite Orange County Bookkeeper Introducing Cool Tech Tools: Zoom

More and more small businesses are finding virtual meetings useful. Here are some advantages:

  • No travel time required for participants, so you’ll save on gas and auto maintenance.
  • Ability to visually connect with remote employees, customers, vendors, partners, job candidates, and other stakeholders.
  • Better than a phone call because of the visual element.

Before you climb into the car or book a flight, think about whether a virtual meeting could save you time and money while delivering the same result.  It is a big change to get used to, but when you do, you’ll find it to be very beneficial.

To hold a virtual meeting, you will need a software app compatible with your browser. There are many choices available, and one of Team One Accounting’s favorites is Zoom. You can find them at

It is quite simple to hold a virtual meeting.  The learning curve is more psychological than any skill or equipment needed.  You will need a computer or a smartphone. If you use your computer for audio, you’ll need a microphone and speakers. For best results, you should also have a webcam built into your computer, or you can purchase one separately and connect it.  Everyone is a little camera-shy, but don’t let that stop you!

Zoom offers a free account that you can use for virtual meetings.  Once you’ve set up your account, you can schedule a meeting or host a meeting on the fly.  Setup choices include whether you’ll use a computer or phone audio if you want the video to be on or off and if you want to record the session, which can be very handy. You can also mute and unmute participants so that it can be used for classes as well as meetings. 

Here are a few tips to make sure your virtual meetings take off without a hitch:

  1. Treat a virtual meeting with the same importance as a face-to-face one: be on time, have an agenda, and make sure everyone is heard. 
  2. Audio quality is probably more important than visual quality. If you are new to the software, do a test run before you start inviting clients to meetings so you can get through any learning curve. Consider using a microphone headset for higher quality sound.   
  3. For good video results, face a window or light source so that your face is not in shadow.  If possible, the webcam lens should be at eye level or above. You can use books under your computer to raise the lens if you need to.    

Try virtual meetings in your business, and invite your Orange County bookkeeper, Team One Accounting, to your next meeting.

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