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3 Curated Dates in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County You Should Know



3 Curated Dates in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County You Should Know

Here Are the Best Spots to Take Your Date in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego

From the first date to an anniversary, spending time with your better half is like letting the butterflies float in your stomach. Whether you are starting a new relationship or re-igniting an old flame, a well-planned date is a traditional way of saying “I love you”… or just “I really, I like you” if you haven’t already.  If you are planning an unforgettable summer outing, check out this article about Laguna Beach, Santa Monica and Del Mar. No matter who you share your time with, these dates will surely be one of the best things to do in Orange County.

Orange County

The Wine Gallery – 5 pm

Along with the “unassuming” extension of the coastline of Laguna Beach, known as Woods Cove, you will surely find beach couples rushing to their cars, and surfers will squeeze out at the end of the beach day in their wet suits. 

Happy and dry, free from sand, you can head to The Wine Gallery and get a welcome that is feels reserved only for locals. Sit on the high table and listen to your energetic waves while the waiter brings your wine and other specialties are one of the things to do in Orange County.

With the arrival of Italian “snacks”, meatballs and roasted broccoli, the energy of this small venue slowly builds up with your wine. 

The sea horse bar – 6:15 PM

The two entrances serve the Seahorse Bar, but the rear lane more fully introduces the concept of a one-time auto parts store turning into a boutique puddle. 

Put down a popular song of the past era on the old-fashioned sofa next to the record player and pretend it was 1963. Relax and relive the olden days with a sip of fresh something. Soon, you will dance around the world.

Mozambique – 7:30pm

The multi-story castle of the Mozambique maze might confuse you as you pass through the giggling couples towards your stop.

Before the band takes the stage, enter the vibrant room and squeeze up to bar on time before the band could arrive. Brace yourself, you would be baffled whether to hop on dance floor or wait at the bar.  And, believe me this is one of the best things to do in Orange County

San Diego  

Pedego Bike Shop – 10 am

The warm arches of The Cedros Avenue Design District greet you as you begin to shop from art shops to lovely cafes. 

Walk into the Pedego bike store and you will be welcomed by the King of Fun and his old Chihuahuachi card. During the entire afternoon of the cruise, let yourself and your partner’s, serviced and striped the same day’s vehicle: electric double cruiser. 

Café Secret – 11:45pm

As you cross the top of the mountain evading other fun-loving cyclists, you will arrive at your destination: Ivy Cafe Secret. 

Sit down under the pergola on the sidewalk as you start to breathe from the road, starting with freshly squeezed mimosa. Learn more about their ceviches and saltidos-galore menus, as the secret here may be to enjoy yourself before the food arrives. 

Then, colorful fresh fish, earthy vegetables and mango salsa show your senses. Every bite will make you one kilometer closer to Peru, but your next stop is in different directions.

Free flight – 1:15 pm

When you turn to the next destination, fly freely, follow the echo of “skwaaawk”. 

Open the door to reveal a fascinating haven scattered in a tropical oasis. After class from the instructor, buy a bowl of fruit from the “tiki bar”. Carefully walk from the parrot to the parrot and take the courage to invite your arm; laughter and uncertain moments are part of the game. 

After capturing the perfect Insta-photo take a short ride to your final destination.

Viewpoint Brewery – 3:00 pm

In the Viewpoint Brewery warehouse, join local gatherings, cyclists, aspiring corn hole professionals and a variety of sunbathers. 

As the beer flies, don’t be drawn to the normal place to sit and look around, then head to the swing in the far courtyard. This is your “private” floating seat – the perfect space to relax after a day of riding. 

Los Angeles 

Flight Museum – 4 pm

The neglected World War II hangar is located behind the chain fence at Santa Monica Airport Boulevard. 

The area that once owned the top aircraft manufacturing industry in the United States now has artist booths and foundry studios. At one end of the street is the floating Douglas DC-3, marking the location of your first stop: The Flight Museum. 

Spitfire Grill – 6:30 PM

The Spitfire Grill is like a huge lighthouse of old aviation. Go through the old runway and then enter the fan’s dream through the white fence. 

When you stroll through the original “bar” of World War II, you can see classic photos. Find a seat in the local crowd, you will notice them sipping their wines diligently.

Lost and Found – 8:15 pm

Lost & Found’s wooden doors open to reveal a dive for any flying ace. A glass of whiskey, you will pass the Christmas tree and know your presence at the pool. 

In order to honor or play with drinks, you will have the opportunity to play with local wings. Anyway, when the night falls slowly, you will have to decide to go to the next round or let the crash land.

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