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Buying a Car Doesn’t Have to be One of the Toughest Things to Do In Orange County



Buying a Car Doesn’t Have to be One of the Toughest Things to Do In Orange County

Buying a new car is one of many things to do in Orange County. If you are looking to buy a Toyota, we have compiled a list of tips from experts at Tustin car dealerships to share with you. But first, let’s talk about battery types.

There are two kinds of batteries that work for a Toyota.

  1. The conventional car battery typically lasts for about three years. This type of battery is made of lead and lead dioxide plates. The big downside of this battery is that it frequently loses charge when a car is in a resting position. 
  1. The hybrid battery is able to last about ten to fifteen years. That is a really long time- practically the whole lifetime of your car! 

The Prius is an interesting car in that it has both a conventional and hybrid battery.

Tips to Extend the Lifetime of Your Battery:

Do not overcharge your battery.

Batteries are powerful, but overkill is real. You most definitely don’t want to get acid all over your house. Instead, call the experts to come to help you out. If you must charge the battery, try to remember that you need to connect the positive cable to the positive terminal first. Then, you can connect the negative cable to the negative terminal. This is the general rule for charging.

Lights should be off.

Make sure that your interior lights and headlights are completely turned off first. Then you can turn off the engine. You don’t want to leave your lights on all night because when you return to your car in the morning, you will find that the car battery is dead. That would be a real bummer if you were planning a trip to the beach or lunch with friends as some things to do in Orange County. Instead, you’d have to cancel those plans and get your car fixed.

Get rid of battery corrosion.

Corrosion shows up on the battery as a kind of white, powdery buildup around the terminals and cable ends of the car. You can try removing corrosion yourself with a toothbrush and baking soda. That’s the DIY method, and it does work! Make sure you apply petroleum jelly after you clean and before you put the cables back where they belong.

Your car should be parked in the garage.

This is really important to remember if you live in a hot climate region.

Schedule Regular Car Maintenance Work.

Your car needs routine check-ups. Car batteries can be tricky, and you never know when a battery may die on you. You’re a busy person. You have things to do in Orange County, and having to fix a dead car battery should not be at the top of the list.

If you think your car needs its battery replaced, don’t hesitate to book an appointment today with your local dealership. And, remember, buying a car doesn’t have to be one of the toughest things to do in Orange County if you know your facts on batteries.

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