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Places To Visit And Things To Do In Orange County



Places To Visit And Things To Do In Orange County

If you are looking for a place to spend your upcoming vacation, then you should definitely head to Orange County. It is considered one of the most popular places in the world. There are plenty of things to do in Orange County and several places to visit that I promise will be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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Make Orange County your next destination and check out the enthralling things to do in Orange County.

Check out these incredible places to visit that you should never miss in Orange county!

1-   Disneyland Anaheim

It is the place where fantasy is unraveled and nostalgia conquers. The design and the construction of the park are a sight to behold. Disneyland is divided into themed areas; Fantasyland which focuses on Disney’s animated stories; Main Street, U.S.A, bringing us forth to the Midwestern American town in the 20th century, and it is designed in Marceline, Missouri’s style which is originally Disney’s hometown; Frontierland, presenting the Riverboat of Mark Twain; Adventureland, simulating the African jungles; Mickey’s Toontown, evoking a colorful theme of animated cartoons.

Additionally, there is Tomorrowland which gives us an overview of the delightful future; Critter Country area, exhibiting Splash Mountain ride and Country Bear Jamboree theme; Star Wars, modeling the universe of Star Wars. Lastly, there is New Orleans Square, featuring the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Don’t miss the sister park, fellows. You will find all you need there; restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment areas. There are also three hotels if you want to stay there.

2-   Crystal Cove State Park

If you are fond of sea sports and mountain sports, then you should definitely make Crystal Cove State Park your next destination.

This Park includes a wide variety of activities with its 2,400 acres of woodland and 3.2 miles of beach. You could enjoy swimming or surfing on their magnificent beach. You could go scuba diving, too. Also, you could savor the amazing sight through hiking or mountain biking.

What makes it more delightful is that Crystal Cove Park has a camping site. You are free to set up your tents and enjoy some stargazing on the beach.

Not to mention, the incredible underwater park along the offshore waters, the sandy coves, and the tide pool will definitely make it one heck of a vacation!

3-   The Quaint Island – Balboa

Balboa Island is a tiny picturesque island that can provide you some peace of mind through its magnificent beach and bonfire that takes you away from the real world. As you walk down Marine Avenue, you will be impressed by the art galleries, jewelry stores, and boutiques.

And of course, if you got hungry, you could always stop at one of the bistros in Newport Beach, they serve mouthwatering dishes with different flavors, and as the day comes to an end, feel free to lay down on the soft sand and watch the sunset.

Quaint Island is heaven on earth.

4-   Mission San Juan Capistrano

In the mood for some sightseeing! Go for Mission San Juan Capistrano. It is a historical landmark/ museum in San Juan Capistrano. Its Mexican, Spanish, European, and Native American heritage has evoked a multi-cultural background.

 There, you will find ancient treasures, paintings, and rare pieces of artifacts. You can enjoy some peaceful moments in the garden. By the end of the day, you can always dine and dance under the moonlight in one of their summer festivals. 

5-   Black Star Canyon Trail

Don’t you ever leave Orange County without hiking in the Black Star Canyon Trail?

Trust me, you will miss a lot!  Black Star Canyon is a hiking trail to Black Star Canyon Falls in Southern California. It is considered a historic landscape. It is the spot where the bloodiest battle in Santa Ana Mountains history occurred. Anyways, as you drive or hike up to Black Star Canyon Falls, you will enjoy the splendid wilderness of the area. Everything literally screams nature. Then, when you reach Black Star Canyon Falls, you won’t be able to forget the breathtaking sight of these waterfalls. You will truly enjoy the beauty of nature there.

6-   The LAB (Anti-Mall)

This part is dedicated to those who cannot miss a vacation without some shopping. If you are in for some shopping, you should definitely head to The Lab.

This place is entirely unique, and I don’t mean the stores in it. I mean the construction and the design itself will be new to your eyes. At first, you may think that it is some kind of industrial park as you enter the mall. However, it is not.

As you walk through the pathway, you will find the marketplace. This marketplace includes restaurants, chic boutiques, art such as art galleries, seasonal festivals, live music, poetry, and readings. It is a very cozy spot for those who wish to enjoy a new yet simple atmosphere.

7-   Pirate’s Cove

Pirate’s cove is more of a me-time beach. It is a tranquil beach compared to the other beaches. a secluded area if you are looking for a relaxing time on a beach with a book to enjoy. However, this place has tiny caves that are situated along the shore.

Yeah, it was called Pirate’s Cave for a reason!

It will be a whole new experience. Also, what really completes the natural scenery is the trees and the flowers surrounding the area, beautifying the whole atmosphere as the sun goes down. I guarantee that Pirate’s cove would be one of your unforgettable adventures in your life!

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