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8 Shops in Laguna Beach To Style Your Wardrobe



8 Shops in Laguna Beach To Style Your Wardrobe

Laguna Beach is home to the Eternal Love Brotherhood and has always been a destination for artists and hippies. This place has roots in cultural music festivals and art walks. If you have ever been to OC, you understand why people spend most of the time in Laguna Beach. Laguna is my home away from home, and every summer, I enjoy a variety of things to do in Orange County.

Join me as I explore my eight favorite shops in Laguna Beach that will help you style your wardrobe.

There is a variety of things to do in Orange County during your trip to OC this summer. Read on this article to find out how your trip can help you improve your wardrobe. Here’s a list of 8 stores in Laguna Beach that will add style to your wardrobe:

Chic Happens

This summer plan your trip with your best friends! Go shopping at The Shop Laguna, which is known for its selection of stylish hats. These hats are elegant, fashionable, and handy. Get your favorite colored hat and look chic in a stylish hat.  

One of my favorite things in the warm weather of Lugana Beach is all the cute sundresses and rompers we wear! Shop Laguna caters to all your beach needs. The Shop Lugana aims to provide you with the best quality products to make sure your beach experience is more exciting and memorable. Buy some stylish hats for yourself and add more fun items to your wardrobe before you go home.

Shop Til You Drop – Anastasia

Edgy and elevated are the two words that define this beautiful boutique. It is unique in it’s own way. The place has some fantastic accessories to improve your outfit. Anastasia has some local products that you will fall in love with. If you have a passion for art, you won’t resist spending hundreds of dollars.

If The Shoe Fits – Laguna Exchange

For those who love to show off their creativity and inner spirit with a mix of modern style, don’t forget to check out Laguna Exchange collections. It is more than just another consignment store and it also sells upscale, trendy clothing!

More than anything else, you will enjoy exploring hidden treasures at Laguna Exchange. It is fun looking through the vintage pieces.

It’s Called Fashion – Blue Eyed Girl

If you want to look cute and comfortable while walking on the beach, then you should check out WILDFOX. This store has everything you want, and you will never go wrong, I bet!

WILDFOX is the favorite brand for every girl. Choose elegant dresses, tanks, pants, and shorts that are available at affordable prices. You will never go wrong when buying things from the store.

Being girls, we love to accessorize ourselves, especially the cool sunglasses that makes us feel like a cool chic. Blue Eyed Girl has a variety of bold Balenciaga glasses to classic Quay pilots, pick up the perfect sunglasses that enhance your best facial features.

Throw Into The Bag – Fetneh Blake

My favorite thing about this boutique is its stunning jewelry selection. You can find jewelry items for all ages. Rosa Maria’s beautiful rings are just amazing!

If you are an admirer of crystals and candles, you will have a huge collection at the Fetneh Blake. Walk past the dressing room and find a whole room of candles – it’s a real gem.  

Charge It!

You can always enhance your outfit by adding a bag or patterned shoe. Whether you are looking for the perfect outfit for night out or the date night, Laguna Supply got you covered! They have an amazing collection of jewelry, choose the best jewelry items, and add a bit of personality to your outfit.    

Hey soul sister – Soul Project

Shopping becomes even more incredible if you have a good reason for shopping. Some companies not only sell their products, but they also give back to their communities, and Soul Project is one of them. Yes, you read it right!

One dollar from every item that you purchase at the Soul Project goes to the environmental charity or deserving children in the locale.

These stores also offer limited edition products, including one-of-a-kind apparel products. They also showcase the artwork of local artists while maximizing the economic impact on local communities.

Some People Like It Haute

Every time the serene and wonderful vibe at ARIS attracts shoppers. You will love the white stone floor and the beautiful white marble countertops. Also, these stores sell diptyque candles. The smell of these candles is great!

Be sure to check out the gorgeous jewels and rings made by Jamie Joseph.

Beach Laguna is a perfect shopping destination when you are in Orange County. If this is your first ever trip to OC, contact the used car dealerships Orange County that will help you complete your trip stress-free!

Enjoy the sunset at the beach and shop all day at the famous fashion stores to style your wardrobe. What are your favorite things to do in Orange County? Let us know!

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