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Dessert Spots That Will Make You Pick up a Spoon



Dessert Spots That Will Make You Pick up a Spoon

Here Is A Roundup of the Summer’s 6 Sweetest and Trendiest Treats in Orange County

Nothing seems sweeter than dipping a spoon into an ice cream cup in summer or sipping a fluffy milkshake with a turquoise straw. Nowadays, dessert stores are at every corner, attracting people with sweet smells, delicious tastes, and trendy serving ideas. To minimize your search, we have carefully selected six desserts that are being added in Orange County, so make sure to check all your boxes for these things to do in Orange County.

So before you melt from the summer heat, these special desserts will melt your taste buds while providing delicious flavors and Insta perfect pictures!

1 | Shut up and bring me some honey 

Honey and Lavender

As soon as you walk into Honey & Lavender soft colors and golden decorations will be awaiting! 

From their love of flowers and their lavender festival tour, they have created a shop with a pink and lavender feel, offering soft ice cream, cakes, and milk tea. This is a very small shop, but they have put a lot of effort into its design by mixing beautiful flowers and delicious sweets.

The floral flavor can be subtle and gentle, not too strong, which is why it complements the candy and visiting this place is definitely one of the best things to do in Orange County.

Every day the cake menu changes, while they have dozens of ice cream bases and brew fresh tea every morning! 

The aesthetics and high-quality taste of their desserts are the most important quality of this spot, which cultivates passion, not just business. 

2 | His milkshake is better than yours 

The Straw

Imagine walking into a bar, but the bartender gives you a milkshake in a martini glass on the counter. This is what you will experience at The Straw, a milkshake shop that was created with a desire to enter the dessert industry while honing his bartending expertise. 

Making milkshakes is not so different from making cocktails. From the creation of the beverage menu to the services offered, The Straw boasts the look of a bar but the essence of a family-friendly dessert location is also kept in mind.

It’s not just ice cream and straw, they put a lot of love and thinking on how they present their milkshakes.

The purpose behind the martini glass is that your hands not melt the drink, making it an ideal drink for the summer. 

3 | This bar is Poppin’ Orange County Dessert


You may have seen decorative, hand-made frozen snacks in different locations before. Popbar has become a popular franchise with customizable choices, fruity and sweet as well as rich toppings. 

The aesthetics and quality are critical for running a dessert store. They sometimes conduct opinion polls to listen to customer feedback, and they want to see what kind of flavor Popbar will produce next! 

They use all-natural ingredients, so coming to Popbar is one of the best things to do in Orange County.

4 | Over the Moon

The Moo Gelato

If you are born with a love for myths, magic, and fantasy, The Moo Gelato is your stop!

You can find mysterious and legendary creatures such as unicorns and mermaids in colorful, dreamy ice creams. Their goal continues to be an ideal place for guests of all ages to experience desserts that are not only delicious but also decorated in the most interesting ways.

Creating desserts is a twist, and they ensure their team looks for inspiration from seasonal fruits, pop chocolate, and any fashion. From puff cones to straw piercing a piece of cake, the sparkling magical dessert is perfect for your gourmet Instagram page.

The most important thing is that they value the customer experience, so if you are attending or celebrating for the first time, they always want you to be happy with the ice cream you choose. 

5 | You know how to drill

Drill’d ice cream

The challenge of ice cream is to create flavors that are unique yet still delicious, and the owner of Drill’d Ice Cream does not hesitate to say “eccentric” and push the boundaries, especially when they break out their tools, including an aviation-grade steel drill. 

They get inspiration from the East Coast cuisine, including desserts such as French fries and avocados.

They want to be able to bring together different age groups of cereals, toppings, and different flavors to re-create all the wonder of our childhood memories in dessert form. 

One of their main goals is to improve the quality provided, and they are innovative and always creating new flavors for their ice creams.  

6 | Churned, Not Stirred

Churned Creamery

The District’s bustling Union Market is located in Churned Creamery, and the owner once worked as a mechanical engineer before coming into the dessert industry.

Customers like to see what they are making in front of them, and that is what the shop is all about.

An example is the emoji macaron, which is perfectly recreated in this ice cream dessert. 

They first work with the customers, this is the most important quality. Then there are decors, which are worthy of Instagram.  

The rich menu is full of unique flavors, their signature being their CroCream and drinks, Churned Creamery is sure will flow in the summer!

So what were the most memorable things you did during your first visit to Orange County? 

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