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Essential Places in SoCal That Will Always Make You Feel It’s Summer



Essential Places in SoCal That Will Always Make You Feel It’s Summer

Located along the Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific City is a destination for shoppers and foodies who want to enjoy the sea breeze and the seafood, as Huntington Beach Center has over 60 different shops, restaurants, and salons!

Pacific City brings local communities and visitors together with its amazing places and incredible offers. Whether you are looking for a cup of coffee or a pair of new shoes, Pacific City owns everything that you need. 

From Hamburgers to Blowout, there are 15 restaurants and shops. The best things to do in Orange County is to visit Pacific City. 

Go fish – Bear Flag Fish Company

The Bear Flag Fish Company is based on the fishing, marine, and restaurant experience of its founder, Thomas Carson, and brings fresh fish to the table with an emphasis on local seafood sourcing and quality cuts. 

The Bear Flag Fish Company combines its fresh seafood with vibrant flavors to shine through its clams, soups, burritos, tacos, and seafood dishes.

Stay gold – Bluegold / LSXO

Bluegold / LSXO showcases delicious food with local influences and culture, celebrating the Golden State’s cultural heritage by using local and seasonal ingredients in farm-to-table products. 

At Bluegold, the LSXO restaurant celebrates by paying homage to Vietnamese culture and cuisine, expanding the tradition of Chef Tin Vuong by using dishes from South Vietnam and China.

Sunny & Sweet – Lemonade Pacific City Huntington Beach

Lemonade conveys California’s lifestyle through seasonal ingredients and meals that are focused on attracting Californians’ tastes. Sunny & Sweet is the place to go if you are an admirer of a convenient home-served style, and you can easily choose your favorite sandwiches, bowls, salads, and protein.

Before leaving this fast and casual restaurant, be sure to order a glass of lemonade! Cold-pressed lemonade, frozen lemonade, or just the plain-old classic, there are many delicious drinks to quench your thirst!

Caffeine fix – Portola Coffee Lab

When you want a cup of coffee to invigorate your shopping trip, the Portola Coffee Lab at LOT 579 is the place to be! The Portola Coffee Lab visits farms around the world to purchase only the finest coffee beans. 

The store combines quality ingredients with precise, scientific baking techniques to give technology and enthusiasm to the coffee in every drink, so explore the world with quality coffee and tea.

Enjoy live music from local artists at LOT 579 every Friday from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Hola, Ola – Ola Mexican Kitchen

Chef Mahe created Ola Mexican Kitchen and drew inspiration from its name, which means “life” in Hawaiian and “wave” in Spanish. Ola combines Hawaiian food with some southern border inspiration to create a truly delicious dining experience. Ola brings flavor with its delicious appetizers, soup tacos, plates, and desserts. 

Calls for all meat lovers – Simmzy’s Bar

Created by experienced restaurant owner Mike Simms, this American bar serves delicious food such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Simmzy’s is committed to providing quality food, beer, and wine. With a sommelier and warm hospitality from Mike Simms, the restaurant offers a wide selection of craft beers, wines, cocktails, and beverages, along with juicy burgers.

Feels like a home like a bungalow – The Bungalow

Orange County is famous for its places and things to do if you love art and architecture. Inspired by the surf culture of the California coast and Huntington Beach, The Bungalow represents the typical SoCal lifestyle through its detailed architecture and delicious beverage menu. 

While The Bungalow has the charm of Santa Monica attractions, the location of Pacific City reflects the history of Huntington Beach. The Bungalow’s food and beverages are from the Bear Flag Fish Company.

Island Vibes – Tommy Bahama

The Bahamas hopes to “make life one long weekend.” The brand captures the fun and enjoyment of a long summer on the beach through tailoring. With quality clothing and accessories, Tommy Bahama’s signature prints and fabrics help you spend your leisure time on the island.

Shopping with friends better WILLIAM B + friends

For more than 25 years, WILLIAM B+ friends have been sold in significant boutiques and department stores in the United States. WILLIAM B+ is described as a one-stop for girls, with a strong sense of fashion through clothes, accessories, shoes, and household items. Pacific City is its first boutique, emphasizing the brand’s high-quality fashion known for its outstanding customer service. 

All Latest Trends – H&M

Pacific City’s H&M has designed affordable and fast-to-fashion clothing that you know and love. From fashion items to wardrobe essentials, H&M highlights the essential wardrobe for men and women with a full selection of styles, colors, and fabrics to give you the clothes, accessories, and shoes you need.

Just keep swimming – Seafolly

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Seafolly shares Australian beach culture and lifestyle through swimwear and beachwear.

This traditional brand Seafolly demonstrates Australia’s iconic summer, ocean and beaches and the power of women around the world.

Focusing on swimwear tailored to different styles, its excellent design utilizes texture, detail, and tailoring to create an outstanding swimwear. On the beach across the street, you can test your new purchase after leaving the store.

Feeling shady – Sunglasses Resort

Sunglass Resort features the latest in style sunglasses to enhance your look and protection against the sun. It has the style of the most popular designer brand, providing the perfect pair of sunshine for the beautiful Huntington Beach Day.

Highlights of the day – Sephora

In addition to a wealth of quality cosmetics and beauty products, Sephora also helps customers by offering courses and services in the store. Sephora artists answer questions and provide advice on skin and makeup through makeover, counseling, and facials to support customers.

These services are perfect for skin care, rejuvenation, and finding your new favorites.

Fresh Faced – Facialworks

Want to relax? Facialworks offers skin care and products at a lower price than traditional skin care programs, making skin care products affordable and fun. At Facialworks, you can customize your 40-minute facial to suit any skin problem. Visit Facialworks to find your light.

Increase the volume – Drybar

Drybar is a good hair place. The salon changes hair by adding volume and style without dramatic cuts or color. In addition to the iconic blowout, Drybar also offers uptini (updo), mud hair treatment and styling tools to its customers. Which lets your hair wash and dry to perfection!

Still looking for things to do in Orange County? Reach out to the dealers of used cars Orange County, and they help out tourists to explore must-visit places. 

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