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Here Are Some Creative Orange County Events Happening This Month



Here Are Some Creative Orange County Events Happening This Month

January brings with it some fascinating Orange County events that should be enticing for people with all sorts of interests. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Craft and Arts


This special event combines craft beer and art and gives you a chance to socialize with some like-minded people in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The premise is that you start with a craft beer and select some materials for your art project, which could be a painting, a collage, or something else of your choice. You get a canvass, some wood, paint, and everything else you need. You get creative instruction from professional artists, and then you get to work, crafting, drinking, making small talk with your neighbors, and generally enjoying yourself. Who knows what your finished product will look like, and how many new friends you’ll make? It goes down at Chapman Crafted in Orange the evening of January 9th.


Innovate to the Future


Innovate to the Future is being described as a Night of Computer Science, geared toward young people but appropriate for all ages. On January 14th at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, instructors will be on hand to talk about how drones, robotics, and apps will be impacting young adult education in the years to come. There will be lots of demonstrations, and young ones can learn and play, with access to all kinds of new and emerging tech. Computer Science is both the present and the future, and events in Orange County like this can introduce your child to it, perhaps kindling a lifelong love affair with technology.  


Workshop Writer’s Circle


Keeping the creative theme going, this is a workshop taking place on January 16th being put together by author Abbey Lenzie. This is a place where aspiring authors can come with some of their latest efforts to get other people to read them and give them a helpful critique. If you like, you can submit 50 pages of your work in advance, so that Abbey can give you some detailed analysis and advice. If you have a fear of letting people see your work, it’s time to get over that and get some constructive feedback. Being around some of your fellow authors is a great way to introduce yourself to a vibrant community. The event will be held at the 1888 Center in Orange.


That’s going to be all for this month. This article comes to you from Toyota of Orange, proudly bringing you the best used cars Orange County CA.


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