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How to Approach Bee Removal in Orange County Neighborhoods


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How to Approach Bee Removal in Orange County Neighborhoods

Finding a bee swarm near your home can be a frightening situation for many people. Many residents might panic and not know what to do to keep themselves and their family members safe. 

Fortunately, this is a problem that many people have had to deal with and it is not impossible to solve. Residents should take preventative measures by educating themselves on bees and learning how to seek services that can handle bee removal in Orange County.

Bees are a natural part of our world and we want to protect them as well as ourselves as we coexist.  

How do bees live?

Honey bees are a social species. They congregate in hives, called a colony, and produce their honey within this community. During the spring, many colonies travel in swarms to establish a new nest for their queen. These swarms can have between 5,000 to 20,000 bees in one cluster, which can be a shocking sight for many residents that have the chance to witness this. It is important to note that these swarms are not malicious in nature. Unless something or someone were to agitate the cluster, the swarm is content to stay in place. These bees are actually in a more vulnerable position than humans since they are outside of their protected hive. 

While looking for a new nest, some bee colonies may find solace in hollow trees, chimneys, fences, shrubs, under decks, or a number of other deep, protected cavities. Residents might notice a swarm by hearing the low buzzing sound of the cluster. In some cases, some colonies may not find a suitable cavity to nest in and will start making honeycombs and beeswax on the outside of a house or tree. 

Essentially, these bees are not trying to invade your home or intentionally threaten your safety. They are just trying to find a new home for themselves. Services that handle bee removal in Orange County will tell you to avoid tampering with the area that the bees have chosen to remain with their colony. It is better to have the situation contained by an expert. 

What is the potential risk of having a bee swarm in or around your home? 

Most bees that are traveling outside of a hive will not exhibit aggressive behavior unless actively threatened by spraying water or swinging objects. 

Once honey bees have settled into their nest, they are more protective of young bees and may sting if their territory is invaded. Another side effect of having a nest in or around your home is moisture damage from bees that dampen the small cavity to provide a softer, more open environment for their community. In some cases, these bees will create a hole to allow for scavengers to come and go as they please.

If the colony does not survive, there is a potential for fermented honey to drip through the nest area, leaving stains and moisture damage on that particular area of the house. 

If residents notice a swarm, what should they do? 

Swarms that have not yet created a nest are not necessarily a problem for neighborhood residents. These bees will not actively threaten the area and will likely move on very quickly. However, if these bees are beginning to invade home environments to establish their nest, then residents will need to call services that handle bee removal in Orange County.  

Beekeepers are experienced at removing swarms by gently coaxing bees into boxes and transporting them to a more ideal environment. These experts have sealed, protective suits just in case bees start to exhibit more aggressive behavior. However, most clusters are not too difficult to manage.

It is always better to remove bee clusters than terminate them. Chemicals used for bee-killing are often damaging to homes and, if not removed properly, the bees will begin to rot and create a terrible odor. Termination also creates a bigger problem by forming hazardous waste that must be contained in a particular way to avoid contamination. 

Bee removal services will often relocate colonies by using certain tools to examine the nest and remove it from your home. Sometimes this method will lead to cutting out a section of the building and then replacing it with the help of a contractor. 

If you need bee removal services, make sure that you understand the company you are hiring and what their process looks like for bee removal. Now that you are more informed on the topic of bee swarms and bee removal, you will be able to face such circumstances with more confidence. 

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