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How To Coexist With Wasps And Bees


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How To Coexist With Wasps And Bees

The first thing that comes into our minds when we hear about wasps and bees is to RUN! What most people don’t realize is that these beautiful buzzing insects can be our best friends since they play a significant role in saving our delicate ecosystem. 

Research shows that there are more than fifty thousand various species of the wasps and bees. Without these bees and wasps, we will not be able to enjoy the kind of food that we have today.

Honeybees are the most significant pollinators. They contribute to more than fourteen billion dollars –yes, you read it right – of the total crop production in the US. They are also responsible for around two hundred million pounds of the commercial honey every year. In the absence of the honeybees, you can say goodbye to your delicious pastries where honey is a primary ingredient! 

Whereas the wasps work to control the insect population, the bees are busy in pollination. Did you know there are a total of eight kinds of wasps, and each type has a different personality and appearance? Sand, Digger, Mud dauber, and Cicada are the solitary wasps whereas bald-faced hornet, yellow jacket, and paper wasps prefer to be social.

Just like wasps, the bees have solitary as well as social species. Interestingly, except bumblebees and honeybees, most of the bees tend to the solitary. 

There are only a few species of the wasps which will sting you without provocation, and they are pretty aggressive. Unless imminent danger is present, most of the wasp and bees prefer to avoid humans. If we realize what to expect from the wasp and bees, then we can coexist with these black and yellow creatures without any issues.

If you are still concerned, then schedule a meeting with the wasp and bee removal professionals Orange County. They can schedule an annual inspection and can guide you through all the essential preventative measures. You can also take safety measures, which includes refraining from wearing lotions and scented perfumes and keeping any food or drinks item covered. 

As important as the role of bees and wasps in sustaining our food cycle, they also play a critical role in saving our nature. So follow the tips mentioned below to coexist with the wasps and bees. 

Do not try to deal with the hives and nest

If you want to remove a nest or beehive entirely, contact the bee removal professionals Orange County. They can remove it safely and professionally so that it won’t cause damage or harm to the bees. To ensure safe removal, you can ask the following questions:

•    Do the professionals use non-toxic or less toxic methods to remove the nests or hives?

•    What do they do to ensure the insecticides do not enter into your house? 

•    If they use any pesticide, how do they use them?

•    How long do the substances remain toxic?

Steer clear of swarms 

Whenever a new queen enters into an already established beehive, the old queen leaves the place and often starts a new colony. Once the old queen leaves, it brings hundreds of workers; as a result, a swarm is formed. In case a swarm enters into your building, call the bee removal Orange County to collect them. Do not try to deal with the swarm yourself; otherwise, you will be in trouble. 

Just in case you are stung, consult your physician to avoid any severe allergies. Sometimes these allergies can be life-threatening, so keep an eye on the possible reactions. If you notice allergic symptoms, experience breathing difficulties or you notice swelling, then contact a poison control center. 

Eliminate the attractants 

To reduce the risk of being stung by the wasps and bees, cover the attractants such as food, beverages, trash, or eliminate them. But if you plan on being outdoors, do not use cosmetics such as perform, lotion or hair spray. When you are outside, always wear footwear and avoid wearing bright-colored outfits. While working in your yard, carefully check for any bee or wasp nest or hives. 

The vast number of wasps and bees deserve our respect more than fear.

Therefore, it is critical to pay close attention to the safety measures in handling wasps and bees to ensure we do not cause damage to these insects. If we follow the safety measures mentioned above, then, we can achieve a harmonious balance in our overall ecosystem and ensure sustainability. 

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