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How To Help Honey Bees And Other Pollinators


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How To Help Honey Bees And Other Pollinators

Often we find the winged bugs annoying, obnoxious, and even dangerous. Most of the time they prevent us from enjoying a fine Sunday by entering into our yard and house. It’s not just they are annoying, but they also contribute so much to our lives. 

Honey bees pollinate our vegetable gardens and flowers as well as our fruit trees. Bees play a critical role in sustaining our ecosystem. We wouldn’t have beeswax products, delicious honey or flourishing plants and flowers without bees. Given this, it is our responsibility to ensure their safety. 

Although we all wish for a pest-free home, the safety of our family is the top priority. Even then it is essential to keep the bees away from any harm while treating our yards and home for pests. 

You can hire bee removal professionals in Orange County for safe and eco-friendly pest control. They can provide you with the least invasive and safety-focused services to eliminate pests from your home and yard. If you have been wondering how to help bees grow well, while avoiding dangerous distractions, check out the fantastic ideas we have gathered for you. With the right practices and right plants in place, you will be ready to see your garden thrive and at the same time, you will ensure the bees are safe. 

Grow the right flowers

This option shouldn’t be alien to you if you are an avid gardener. When it comes to gardening, you can make a huge difference by selecting the plants and flowers that can help bees stay alive and keep growing.

Bees love flowers that are appealing and attractive. Plant native flowers to help bees grow. Try growing traditional flowers, daisies and dandelions that offer the most nectar and pollen. Native plants are also already adapted to your local area, and they may offer bees food before and after the resource are available. You can add blue lobelia, borage, purple and yellow coneflower and sunflowers to your garden. 

Everything from pollen content to flower design to the color is essential when considering which flowers to grow. Often bees prefer yellow and blue flowers and the ones which have nectar at the base. 

Adding these bee-friendly flowers will not only provide nourishment to the bees, but they will also help the landscape look inviting and beautiful. Another bonus: Since bees will have enough nectar available they will not be attracted to human sources of food including sweets drinks placed on your patio. If you keep feeding the bees naturally, it will reduce your contact with them. 

Water the bees 

One thing that most people do not know, access to water is critical for the survival of bees. If you offer a shallow drinking area, it will help bees stay safe. You can use a birdbath. Pour water into it while placing some stones. Bees also love various water features including fountains. Moving water also add ambiance to your yard and your garden. 

Consider beekeeping 

Backyard beekeeping might be a great option for you if you want to help the bees. Based on where you live and the accompanying rules and regulations, you can hire professional services. Nothing sounds interesting than keeping a hive. It will not only pollinate your vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees, but you will be able to harvest delicious homegrown honey. 

Beekeeping is not as challenging as it sounds, but the rewards are phenomenal. You can benefit from this hobby in several ways and then learn a lot of things at the same time. 

Be mindful of pesticides 

Pesticides are harmful to bees – it’s a no brainer. Whether you want to eliminate weeds from your yard or kill other pets, bees will be affected by the chemicals. Instead of pesticides, it is always great to use some natural alternatives. 

Certain plants discourage the growth of bugs, including mosquitoes. For example, although lavender repels unwanted pests, bees love it. Consider adding diatomaceous earth to repel snails and slugs. If you need any further help, you can research or consult professional beekeepers to make the process easier. It will ensure you are using safe products that will not harm bees. 

Bees are our friends 

Taking simple steps can go a long way when it comes to keeping the bees safe. These simple steps can help bees improve productivity and safety. They won’t only encourage the sustainable growth of your environment, but it will ensure you have a vibrant and robust garden – thanks to our friend, the honey bee. 

Let the professionals help you

In case you need pest control services, bee removal professionals in Orange County can create an environmentally friendly and safe plan for you and your loved ones. You will appreciate their commitment to your family and your environment. 

Over the past several decades, we have been providing bee removal services in Orange County and adjacent areas. With the proven skill and knowledge, we can help you keep your home pest-free without harming bees. 

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