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How To Increase Your Car’s Longevity

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How To Increase Your Car’s Longevity

Listen up, Orange County residents: you don’t need to be a mechanic to keep your car on the road for a long time. These days, 100,000 miles isn’t a death sentence for cars the way it once was. Even 200,000 miles need not be the end for your vehicle. That’s provided you cared for it diligently and watched for signs that components were becoming worn out. Here are some ways that you can do precisely that.


Regular Washing and Waxing


Some people feel like washing their car is pointless, thinking that at some point it will just rain and wash off anything that’s clinging to it. But if you don’t get your car professionally washed, then all the foreign elements that are floating around in the air start to adhere to it. Over time, that can cause corrosion, rusting, and make your paint job appear dull and drab. If your car starts to accumulate rust and it gets underneath the surface of the paint, you can kiss that car goodbye. Also, living in the OC means you’re not far from the ocean. The salt elements in the air coming off the water make it doubly important for you to wash and wax your car regularly.


Get To Know What’s Under Your Hood


It’s not difficult to learn a little bit about your car’s engine bay. Look at your manual and determine what parts make it up, like the valve cover, cylinder head, intake manifold, and the block. Then there’s the fuse box, brake master cylinder, and the starter. If you can identify each of these components and you know what they’re supposed to look like, then if something goes wrong, before you take it to a mechanic you can pop the hood and see for yourself. You might be able to identify the problem, and you can direct the mechanic to it without delay.


Another thing you can do as you’re checking the status of the components in your engine bay is to gently squeeze the different hoses and try to determine if any of them are cracked or ruptured. Rubber cracks over time and replacement will be necessary if you find any damaged elements. Spotting bulging, cracks, or splitting before it becomes a more severe problem is bound to save you money.


You should also learn about the different fluids in your car. You might know about engine oil already, but you should also be cognizant of transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and washer fluid. What color should each of these fluids be, and how much of each should be in your car’s various compartments? You should know these things, and the best way to do so is to read the manual that came with the car or watch tutorials online.


If you buy your vehicle at one of the auto sales Orange County CA, then you should take some time to learn as much about it as you can. That way you can be sure it will last you as long as possible, and you will save money over time.  


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