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Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade



Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

This December, Expo Ventures is presenting you with one of the best holiday Orange County events in collaboration with the USC Alumni Club. At the 110th Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, the Orange county Alumni Club will charter the 140-foot, four-Deck, ultra-luxurious- Eternity Yacht. The event will be hosted on Friday, Dec 2th, with more than 250 attendees. Local media calls it one of the top ten holiday Orange County events in 2019. 

You will enjoy a cruise experience with a 360-degree view of beautifully decorated homes, highly expensive yachts, and landscapes. The atmosphere of the upper-level, open-air dinner in one of the two main salons and the lively dancing in the lounge will enchant you and have you reminiscing about this experience for years to come!

Funds raised during this Orange County event will be put towards helping young, talented students accomplish their dreams with the Trojan Family. The Eternity Yacht will feature two full cash bars to enjoy and a DJ with dancing on the lounge deck.

Eternity Yacht

The event will feature a privately chartered Eternity Yacht, which is an elegant, spacious, and versatile boat with large windows and a clean white finish. This yacht can easily accommodate 300 people, and the polished rails and window frames inside give a distinctive, yet subtle touch of beauty to it. 

Important things to know


The holiday cocktail attire for men will be slacks, button-up shirts, and possibly a sport coat and the attire for women will be fashionable skirts, dresses, or slacks. Don’t forget to bring a warm jacket or shawl for the outdoor spaces of the yacht! 

Cash bar

Don’t forget to bring enough cash for the bar as the Athena will not accept credit cards. Also, enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne upon boarding. 

Any Dietary Restrictions

If you or any friends or family members have a serious dietary restriction, please email the organizers.  

Holiday Traffic

Be aware of holiday traffic on the 405 and 55 freeways! Because of the holiday traffic, you should plan to arrive at least an hour early for parking and registration.


Carpooling is largely recommended as there will be a high demand for parking. Although the boat is located across the brick street and through the breezeway, you will be directed to the company’s office. You will see a check-in table that is USC-branded. 

A parking validation ticket will be issued to you for $10 as you exit the boat. 

More details

Here are more details of the event:


Electra Cruises 3439 via Oporto Newport Beach, CA 92663 United States

Date and Time

Friday, December 20, 2019

6:30 Pm- 10:00 PM PST 

Note: Departure will be at 6:30 sharp. Make sure you arrive on time as the boat cannot wait!


Early-Bird Registration- $95.00 + $5.83 Fee 

Early Registration- $105.00 + $6.84 Fee 

General Registration- $115 + 6.84 Fee

Note: Once the ticket is purchased, there will be no refunds granted. People can be added or tickets can be transferred to someone else if you no longer attend this Orange County event. 

About the Sponsors

The USC Credit Union

For over 40 years, USC’s non-profit financial organization has succeeded in providing value and service and proudly serves its alumni. It deals in checking and savings, the money market, share certificates, credit cards, auto loans, home loans, investment, and retirement as well as free seminars and educational resources for everyone who is a member. 

Expo Ventures

Alumni run the expo ventures. This is a unique venture capital firm that is designed for individual investors who haven’t had access to a high-quality, diversified venture portfolio. Known among the most active venture firms in the world, the Alumni Venture family funds are growing at a fast pace! 

Toyota of Orange, the #1 dealer of Toyota near Irvine, sponsors blogs about Orange County events.

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