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10 Ways To Celebrate Fall in Orange County



10 Ways To Celebrate Fall in Orange County

Autumn is finally here, but it still feels like summer! I like warm weather all year round, but it’s great to wake up in the morning and smell a little autumn. We do get this feeling from time to time.

When everyone else enjoys autumn seeing leaves turning red, yellow, and orange, OC doesn’t get enough autumn colors just like the rest of the country. Due to our warm and beautiful weather, it’s challenging to incorporate the spirit of fall into Orange County events.

Therefore, I have designed an “Orange County Events Autumn Bucket List” to give you an idea of ​​the spirit of the season.

Here is my list of ten best ways to celebrate fall in Orange County.

1. Visit Tanaka Farm Pumpkin Field

The pumpkin patch at Tanaka Farms has become one of the most popular pumpkin picking spots in Orange County.

This year, it will be decorated in a Sanrio style, with the cutest Hello Kitty decorations everywhere. 

There are hundreds of pumpkins on the rows of pumpkin vines, but you can also choose exciting photos, riding tractors, carnival games, vegetable picking, and zoos.

You will find the cutest sunflower patch, where you can stroll and admire the beautiful sunflowers. On the way out, you can enjoy the farm shop and Hello Kitty items, and this is a great pumpkin patch for all ages.

2. Get a pumpkin shake from Shake Shake in Ruby, Newport.

Currently, in the pumpkin spice season at Ruby’s Diner, they are adding butter and sugar corn to the pumpkin shake.  If you don’t want to try a shake, then you can get the pumpkin waffles and pumpkin pancakes!

After that, you might want to go to the beach and stroll along the shore. Maybe it’s autumn. But you can still enjoy the fresh ocean air. Crystal Bay Beach is one of our favorites.

3. Visit the Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival in OC

The Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival is held only once a year. It’s one of the unique pumpkin fields in Southern California.

4. Take a pumpkin-shaped bread from Boudins

Did you know that Boudin SF is found in California only?

The magic originated in San Francisco. But we are fortunate to have six restaurants/bakeries in Southern California. In October, Boudin’s sold its dough in the form of pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns. Go have a great time with your loved ones.

Pick up one or two loaves and have a fun family night, including soup or pepper, sourdough pumpkin, and watch, “This is a great Charlie Brown Brown” or “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

5. Go to the annual Pumpkin Show of Discovery Cube OC

The annual discovery of the Cube Pumpkin Launch at Cal State Fullerton is a yearly tradition for many families.

This festival is just one of the significant free Orange County events that the Discovery Cube OC offers to the community. 

Family members from all over Southern California gather during Halloween season to watch the game of flying pumpkins in the air. 

6. Buy all pumpkin stuff at Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s is known for its delicious seasonal cuisine. 

Autumn means everything! Pumpkin biscuits, pumpkin bread, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin cereal, pumpkin crumbs, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin candy, and more! Everything is super delicious. You won’t miss it.

7. Go to Oak Glen to pick apples

One of the best Orange County events is to go to Oak Glen for apple picking. 

Stop at Riley Farm on the 5-mile loop, Los Rios Ranch (our favorite farm) or one of more than 30 farms, pick apples, raspberries, or pumpkins and cross the corn maze. 

You can get a delicious three-pointed or one-mile-high apple pie, tasting cider, or other kinds of apples. Don’t forget to press your cider. It’s an exciting experience for kids.

8. Visit the Hocus Pocus Boutique at Roger’s Gardens

Every year, Roger’s Gardens has a fantastic Halloween-themed boutique. This year is the weird version of Malice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland. Halloween has many spectacular decorations and props – vintage style, Harry Potter style, creepy and cute!

9. Why not take a photo in front of the balloon in the Orange County Grand Park?

The Grand Park Balloon in the Orange County Grand Park is an iconic building in Orange County. It is big and orange, flying high in the OC sky. 

In October, it became a big park balloon, Jack-O-Lantern. Visiting the Orange County Grand Park is free, so you can take photos and take photos anytime, anywhere.

10. Apple’s Fritters at Sidecar Donuts in Mesa, Costa Rica

Apple and autumn have a very close relationship. What to do with apples? Well, Apple fritters! Sidecar Donuts are served only in fall. 

You can only get the most delicious Apple Fritters on the Fritter Fridays at the Costa Mesa location at Sidecar Donuts. Their classic dishes are made with fresh Granny Smith and homemade apple glaze. Good to eat!

Don’t forget to visit Toyota while staying in Orange County; they are the best among the car dealers near Santa Ana.

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