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So Many Clubs, Orange County

Activities And Events: Orange County Edition


So Many Clubs, Orange County

Clubs are always a logical way to meet people that share your interests, and there are a lot of them in Southern California that are fun for all ages. If you want things to do, Orange County, stick with us. Here are our top picks for clubs, classes, and event spaces in the OC.


We start with Muddy’s Studio, in Santa Ana. They bill themselves as a social club and cultural center, and they’re all about sculpting things out of clay. Whether you’re new to sculpting or you’ve been in the game for years, they’ve got classes to match your skill level. The staff is super caring and supportive, and their first goal is to foster your creativity and help you grow as an artist. They offer workshops, memberships, and private and semi-private studio spaces.


For our female readers, the Women’s Club of Fullerton has dedicated themselves to uniting women through service to their communities. Think of it as a way to meet new friends, while taking part in such activities as planting trees, having fundraisers, cleaning up parks, and establishing green spaces. With such events as tea parties, karaoke nights, family-friendly theme parties, and monthly meetings with snacks and beverages, the Women’s Club is a wholesome way to celebrate sisterhood and give something back.


The Relationship Building Network, in Irvine, is a networking group that has regular meet-and-greets. If you’re trying to grow local business, this is perfect for you. You’ll meet leaders from your local community, and you’ll be able to network with fellow entrepreneurs. Catered meetings take place at different venues, and you get a chance to dress in your best and tell the world all about your professional accomplishments, and your goals for the future. Who knows, you might meet the right person to help you achieve those aims.


Last is the LGBT Center, in Santa Ana. The venue is a rooftop art studio that is used for a variety of different purposes, from mixers to birthday parties to being a showcase for art exhibits. Their purpose is to interface with and make connections to their neighborhood. While they’re considered a safe space for members of the LGBT community, their events are by no means exclusive to those members. They’re all about engagement, education, and empowerment, with a fun artistic vibe.


There are lots of other classes, clubs, and events in the O.C., and if these don’t quite float your boat, never fear, you’ll find the one that’s perfect for you. Happy hunting, and here’s hoping you make those connections that you seek.


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