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The Unexplored, The Untravelled And The Unseen!



The Unexplored, The Untravelled And The Unseen!

Reality shows, surfing, boating, shopping, and museum are synonymous with Orange County. You can visit the magical Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and the Knott’s Berry Farms. However, there is so much more to explore around Orange County. Do a little research, and you will find several things to do in Orange County that run throughout the year. It if you looking for something unbeatable, read on to find further.


Were you ever able to get off the main spots of the OC tourism and check out some of the secret spots and the hidden gems? From hidden restaurants and shops to the secret tourism spots like parks and beaches, the beautiful Orange County has it all.


If you are one of the avid travelers who are passionate about exploring the unexplored, a long-time resident looking for some new places or just curious to know about the new destinations, read on further to explore the hidden gems in OC.


The beautiful Victoria Beach


The first destination on our list is the beautiful Victoria Beach, which is located away from the general tourist population. If the deep blue water heals you, this place is for you. It is often occupied by the people who love to stay away from the chaos of the busy beaches.


While on the beach you will see people enjoying volleyball, fishing, skim boarding and swimming. The beach is home to ‘Pirate Tower’ which is one of the famous tone structures in OC.


Pirate Tower


Built in 1926, the 60 feet high tower is located right on the Victoria Beach. As you move down the Victoria Beach, you will find Pirate Tower battered by the unending cycle of tides.


Historical artists build the tower, and its unevenly shapes launch vision of retired freeboots who used to keep an eye for the sight of the Jolly Roger on the horizon.


As long as the Pirate Tower is standing, it will inspire tourists. If you have a plan to visit this place, don’t miss to poke around the base of the tower, perhaps there is still some treasure left for all.


The LAB (Anti-Mall)


If you are planning to visit OC for a shorter time period, chances are you will miss

The LAB (Anti-Mall). This is not your typical shopping mall, but a real hidden gem that you can find in OC. If you are bored out of usual Orange County events or things to do in Orange County than a trip to the mall is worth it.


A first glance won’t help you explore this place, and you will feel it is just nothing more than an industrial park. However, if you take a deeper look, you will find something different.  


To find the hidden mall, you will have to walk through a shaded and small pathway that opens up into an amazing marketplace. The marketplace is rich in art and music. You will also find amazing restaurants and boutique shops. If you love to explore art galleries, then this place is a perfect choice for you.


The famous art gallery in The LAB (Anti-Mall) is the ARTery. The artisans’ work is displayed in shipping containers, unlike other art galleries where you can find the artwork displed in shop fronts or buildings.


The eclectic array of the accessories is what keeps the avid shoppers returning to this unique shopping center.


The Wonderful Marina Park


If nautical-themed playgrounds and the calm waters are your speed, this park should be on your bucket list. Marina Park was opened in 2017 and is a great place for your mini mermaids. You can enjoy a splash in the water of Balboa Bay, slide down the lighthouse slide and climb across the rope spiderweb to have a memorable experience.


The wonderful Marina Park must be on your list for your next family trip. You can choose some kid-friendly favorites, including bringing a picnic to eat on the sand or at the shaded tables. It offers a memorable and safe experience for your kids while you are on the Newport Beach Harbor.


Great Park Balloon


Unlike all the traditional air balloons that carry 3-4 people, Great Park Balloon ride is meant for up to 30 people. The Great Park Balloon is just more than a hot air balloon. Never take the ride on Great Park balloon during the gusty and high winds, because it is risky.


You can witness spectacular views, but unfortunately, the ride lasts just 25 minutes long. You can soar at an elevated height of 400 miles and enjoy the 360-degree view of the world. People claim that they can see all the way to downtown Los Angeles during the bright days.  


Be sure to check out the Great Park Balloon, on your next trip. Although you can find several Orange County events or things to do in Orange County, this ride is just unbeatable.


Carbon Canyon Regional Park


Serene. Lush. Unreal.


Ride through the redwood trees to have a magical experience when you are in OC. Magnificent trees are a famous staple for visitors when they think of California. They reach unthinkable heights. It is just an unreal experience.


Carbon Canyon Regional Park has trees that are as high as 100 feet. It has a lake, natural trails and multiple playgrounds where you can mesmerize yourself.


Experience the real blend of nature and peace at the Carbon Canyon Regional Park, where magic flows every time!


To make your trip memorable, reach out to Toyota of Orange, the leader of used car dealerships in Orange County. They will help you out find the best ride.


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