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There’s No Shortage Of Orange County Events For Kids



There’s No Shortage Of Orange County Events For Kids

This January there’s no reason not to pack up the young ones and get them to one of these exciting Orange County events. They’ll get some exercise and fresh air, and they’ll sleep better at night, which should be reason enough to get them out of the house. No matter what interests your younger family members, we should be able to find something to keep them entertained for an afternoon.


Newport Landing Whale Watching


There’s nothing more fun than watching your child’s eyes bug out of their heads when they catch sight of one of these gentle leviathans of the deep in their natural habitat. Launching from Newport Beach, these tours take two-and-a-half hours, and they’re year-round. This experience will be long discussed and remembered, as you’ll spot sea lions, huge pods of playful dolphins, gray whales, and giant blue whales. Living near the ocean is one of the most special things about the OC, and few Orange County events are capable of capturing the imagination like this one.


Lil Chef School


Located in Irvine, the Lil Chef School will kindle your child’s love of the culinary arts, perhaps even starting them on an eventual career path. It’s a safe environment where real chefs teach your kids all about the basics, and they get to eat their creations afterward. There’s a new theme each month, with supplemental class materials that are specially brought in and incorporated in the lesson. Nutritional experts are in hand to teach your kids about the importance of healthy eating, and there are programs designed for all ages and experience levels.


Traveling Tea


If you’d prefer for the fun to come to you rather than you going to it, you can contact the folks at Traveling Tea. Kids love tea parties, and this service brings the genuine article right to your door, complete with cups, saucers, teapots, and decorations. You supply the table, chairs, and whatever refreshments you’d like to serve. The best part is, you can pick the theme, from fairy princess to mad hatter, complete with costumes. You can do this in conjunction with a birthday or some other event, or you can do it to turn an ordinary day into a special one.


Your little ones deserve to get out of the house and experience some new things, and you deserve a respite from being cooped up with them too. Everybody wins with these fun Orange County events. This blog comes to you from Toyota of Orange, bringing you used cars in Orange County, who reminds you to have a safe and Happy New Year.

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