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Things To Do In Orange County With Cloud Covered Streets

Generous things to do in orange county organised by cloud covered streets


Things To Do In Orange County With Cloud Covered Streets

Cloud Covered Streets was founded on May 13, 2016, when Robert Thornton was driving through the street of Phoenix, Arizona and noticed the sad state of the people living on the street. He witnessed these people wearing dirty clothes that were usually tattered with many holes. Obviously, the image of people wearing torn and shredded clothing struck him hard, since Robert is in the fashion industry – he owns a clothing company. Robert wanted to help and he realized that some things to do in Orange County were to provide clothing.

Therefore, since he had an apparel company he decided to order loads of shirts and place the Paper Clouds Apparel logo on them, which is the name of his clothing business. Once he got that done, he got on the streets and started to hand them out. However, he got to thinking even further on a better idea and wanted to give the homeless more than just a shirt. Robert wanted to provide all of them with a letter of hope. God only knows how long it has been since these people have experienced anything like that.

As soon as possible, he got on the Paper Clouds Apparel social media pages and within a split second the letters were coming in from across the country. Simultaneously, Robert was hanging out with a couple of good friends at a tattoo shop who were getting some new ink. They started to talk about how they were all men who believed in God and a higher power but also had a habit of swearing, fighting and acting up from time to time. The statement, “I love Jesus but I cuss a little” was brought up. Within a split second, Robert knew he had to place that phrase on a shirt and amazed a couple of his friends with these shirts at a show they were going to have at RockBar. His friends are country musicians.

While he was at the show, he passed the t-shirts out and people began to approach him wearing the shirts and asked where they could buy one. Then the penny dropped and he realized he could sell the shirts and all of the proceeds could go to clothing and helping the homeless. During the same concert, a woman named Brie Marok wanted to help pass out shirts and do anything she can to help. Robert accepted her helping hand and a week later they went out on their first mission to find those in need and give them a shirt and a letter of hope. The first person they met was a man in the park with no shirt on. Obviously, a free t-shirt would be very useful to him, so they came up to him. They gave him the name Daniel and he opened up to them that his clothes had been stolen a week ago. Thus, when they gave him the shirt, he broke down in tears of joy. That was the moment when Robert knew that what he was doing was very important.

Charitable Things To Do In Orange County

From June 7th till June 16th, Wilson is partnering up with Cloud Covered Streets to deliver backpacks to the homeless within the Orange County community. There will be a total of 300 backpacks filled with essentials such as snacks, hygiene items, flashlights, blankets, and water. Every backpack will contain a t-shirt (of course) and information on where they can get help. Last but not least, each backpack will have a handwritten note with a special message of hope and encouragement.

The Homelessness In Orange County

Unfortunately, the homelessness issue isn’t getting better in Orange County, it’s actually getting worse. According to a new census of Orange County’s homeless population, there are about 7,000 people who are living in shelters or on the streets. This is quite a huge surge from the last tally in 2017.

This calculation comes after just one year when Orange County had to clear away a massive area of the Santa Ana River region of many homeless encampments. Ever since then, officials have been struggling over where to put more homeless facilities.

Many cities in the Orange County area have seen significant increases in the number of homeless people. For example, in Costa Mesa, the number went from 103 in 2017 to 187 in 2018 and still rising. Huntington Beach has nearly doubled from 119 to 289.

Due to these growths of unsheltered people, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach have taken the initiative to open homeless shelters. It is part of an agreement to settle a federal lawsuit filed in January 2018 on behalf of homeless people who were thrown off the encampment along the Santa Ana River. Fortunately, Costa Mesa has opened a 50-bed bridge shelter at Lighthouse Church of the Nazarene.

A recent count of Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, La Habra, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Orange, Placentia, Stanton, Villa Park, and Yorba Linda found 1,837 people were homeless. Eighty percent of the 1,474 are unsheltered. That means there are a higher number of adults living on the streets than in Los Angeles where the number of unsheltered homeless is 75 percent. While the count was being conducted, the homeless people were also requested to take a voluntary survey. These are the conclusions from the survey:

About three-quarters of the people evaluated have admitted that they had been homeless for more than a year. Approximately one quarter had been homeless for at least six years.

  • Men made up the majority of the unsheltered homeless population with 70 percent
  • 115 homeless people who were counted were veterans and 97 of them lived on the streets
  • Nearly 60 percent claim their last permanent address was in a north Orange County city, while another 15 percent claim their last permanent address was somewhere else in Orange County.

How To Help Cloud Covered Streets In Orange County

If you are looking for things to do in Orange County, why not help out this amazing cause? Cloud Cover Streets are looking for more donations to assist them with this generous project to help the homeless in the Orange County area. Get in touch with Robert at Cloud Covered Streets and ask what donations can help make this philanthropic project a great success.

Contact Weir Canyon Honda or Freeway Honda to see how you can help the homeless in Orange County. Sure they have a whole range of amazing Honda models, but they also want a few helping hands to make sure Robert’s project to help the homeless in our area is a big hit.

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