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This Is The Way That Product Design Companies Work



This Is The Way That Product Design Companies Work

Creative people come up with wonderful ideas every day. They come from all sorts of backgrounds. Many work in fields where product ideas are suggested to them because of the projects on which they find themselves working. They have a need, and the item that would satisfy it does not yet exist. That gets them thinking: what if I was to design that product? Just as often, though, an idea for a fantastic new item comes to a person that has virtually no creative experience. They don’t know the materials that would be needed. They don’t have the technical know-how to design it, nor do they know how to generate a prototype. They don’t know anything about marketing or distribution either.


It is in these sorts of situations that product design companies can provide such valuable assistance. Were it not for product design companies, many of these ideas would fall by the wayside. By hiring a product design company, you are getting a group of talented individuals who use the latest tools and come up with a lean and efficient design process. They will work closely with you to achieve your vision, the goal being to produce a market-ready product.


Concept Development


During the concept development stage, they will brainstorm and discover possible solutions to any early problems that might be prohibitive in holding back your product.




Next up will be the engineering phase, when product design companies hand the reins over to their specially trained team who will select the best available design for the product.




The pre-production prototype will be built and tested. Different materials will be tried out so that what makes it to the marketing phase has the highest probability of success and customer satisfaction.




During this critical phase, mass production of the product will take place, and a system will be set up whereby the product will be placed with retailers who are interested in carrying it. It is during this phase that product design companies take advantage of their preexisting relationships with stores and distribution networks.


Often, the person or people who came up with the concept for the product need help with each of these phases. Don’t get the impression, though, that product design companies take the idea and then cut the minds behind it out of the loop. They will work closely in conjunction with the originator of the idea so that what they envisioned is what eventually comes to life. That’s what employees at product design companies live for: the moment when an idea becomes a tangible product.   


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