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Top Things To Do In Newport Beach



Top Things To Do In Newport Beach

Revel in art walks, wine tastings, festivals, golf, spas, shopping, and more of the best things in Newport Beach. You can enjoy whale watching tours at the beach and walk around Balboa Island and discover what to do in Orange County this month. 

Alta Coffee Warehouse

Hidden in a small street, this cozy café is set in a beach in the bungalow with a covered terrace, offers live music and poetry readings for locals, art on brick walls and a low-key open barista on the day makes it the best place to visit during Orange County events.

Newport Beach’s Top Choice: Muldoon’s

In the upscale, optimistic, and highly respected Muldoon’s, you can choose indoor, outdoor (under the leafy trees) and bar seats, settle in and enjoy chitchats without being rushed. You can enjoy decent, expensive Irish bar food, ten beers, and live music from Thursday to Saturday. 

Newport Beach Area: Balboa Peninsula

The Balboa Peninsula is 4 miles long, but less than half a mile wide. There is a white sand beach by the sea and countless stylish homes, including the 1926 Lovell Beach House. It is just in the inland of the paved beach.

Newport Beach, California: Eat chow

Eat Chow is hidden behind W Coast Hwy. It receives tattoed ladies and hipsters for lunch equally. People at the Eat Chow queue happily for the rib-eye Thai beef salads, bodacious burgers, and the grilled salmon tacos with curry slaws. If you’re searching for what to do in Orange County, this is one of which that you’ll definitely enjoy!

Seafood In Corona Del Mar: Tacklebox

It looks like a beach hut where you can eat toes on the beach, but this is not an ordinary beach experience. A top chef and some of SoCal’s best kitchen veterans have opened this.

Deli In Newport Beach: Dory Deli

This trendy new waterfront storefront offers hot and cold sandwiches. It is the best place for sandwiches such as Rubinstein, Lifeguard Club, and steak-filled Rocky Balboa. They also serve freshly caught fish and chips. 

The United States in Crystal State Park: Beachcomber Café

The atmospheric Beachcomber café immerses you in the retro beach atmosphere of the 1950s. It is a place where you can taste macadamia pancakes, roasted turkey club sandwiches or more serious surf and turf. 

Nature Reserve: Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve

The brackish waters of this 752-acre sanctuary meet the sea from the San Bernardino Mountains and support more than 200 species of birds. This is one of the few estuaries in Southern California that you’ll clearly enjoy especially if you’re a nature lover.

Newport Beach Museum: Discovery Cube’s ocean quest

In the Balboa Entertainment District, this recently refurbished museum was recently taken over by Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. It offers educational programs for local schools and field trips. 

Seafood At Newport Beach: Crab Cooker

There’s always a long queue waiting in this ever-busy union as it serves delicious seafood and fresh crabs on the paper tray. Don’t miss the delightful chowder… this is the load!

The United States in Crystal Cove State Park: Ruby’s Crystal Cove Shake Shack

Although the wooden food stalls that are always there are now owned by Ruby’s Diner chain, Shake – and Sea View, don’t let it stop you from ordering a date shake; it’s delicious. They also serve three squares.

Seafood At Newport Beach: Bluewater Grill

Sit on the wooden deck and watch the boats in this polished harbor restaurant and oyster bar, which serves incredible fresh fish. Great for bloody Mary and laid-back lunches – maybe a swordfish tacos and coleslaw too.

So if you’re asking what to do in Orange County? There’s plenty and still more to discuss!

Newport Beach Mall: Fashion island

Fashion Island celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017, in the middle of the traffic loop in the east of Newport. The mall’s cool, featuring Mediterranean-style walkways that are dominated by high-end department stores.

Italy in Newport Beach: Sabatino’s

The authentic Italian restaurant on Lido Island is famous for its handmade Chicago-style sausages, which are mixed with Sicilian goat cheese to make a double blow to your cholesterol. Family-sized deli sandwiches and shrimps are the best.

The bar at Newport Beach: Mutt Lynch

What to do at this seaside area of orange County? This noisy dive offers dozens of beers and a cocktail made with shochu (Korean vodka). Food from the menu is especially served in large proportions.

Corona Del Mar’s Point Of View: Lookout point

Locals can enjoy an impromptu, but not quite a legal cocktail party at Lookout Point, situated above the beach with views of Pirate’s Cove and the Balboa Peninsula. 

Beach At Corona Del Mar: Pirate’s Cove

From the stairs at the northern end of the Main Beach parking lot to the hidden Pirate’s Cove, this is a wave-free beach for families. Scenes from the classic TV show Gilligan Island are shot here.

Dinner at Newport Beach: Cappy’s Cafe

This bright blue restaurant is located on the land side of Coast Hwy and trusts me, and you won’t leave hungry from this place. It serves monster omelet, crispy bacon, fried chicken, homemade corned beef hash, stuffed with French toast and other classic foods.

Have fun with all the suggestions we offered, and don’t forget to stop by Toyota of Orange, one of the car dealerships near Santa Ana

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