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Whale Watching Is An Orange County Event You Shouldn’t Miss



Whale Watching Is An Orange County Event You Shouldn’t Miss

Have you ever seen a whale in real life? Well, here is an event in Orange County that can make that happen. Newport Landing in Newport Beach sends boats out daily on whale-watching cruises. Join a cruise and see all types of sea life, including blue whales, gray whales, finback whales, and a bunch more animals living it up in their natural habitat. Newport Bay houses one of the largest marine-protected parks that provide a way for people to see animals like whales and dolphins immediately after leaving the bay.  

Here are the three most popular tours leaving out of Newport Beach. The information below will provide an insight into the trip, the price, and other important information to allow you to pick what tour will be best for you. 

Whale Watching and Dolphin Cruise 

Price: $28 (USD) 

This tour has an approximate duration of 2 hours and will leave out of Newport Beach. The whale-watching and dolphin cruises are known to view animals like blue whales, gray whales, humpback whales, and various species of dolphins. 

*Cruises booked on the weekends will cost another $4 per person.* 

Ultimate Whale Watching 

Price: Weekday Adult: $66.50 Jr: $56.50 Weekend: Sat-Sun Adult: $76.50 Jr: $69.50

The Ultimate Whale Watching tour is an approximate 2-hour venture that will be taken on a 36′ Super RIB boat. Although his style boat has limited passenger capacity, it will offer speed, technology, and safety that will add to the biggest small boat experience in California. 

Boat Information: The Shearwater 

This boat will take out small groups of passengers, limiting crowding and providing each passenger to participate in the action. The deck design also allows for 360-degree views from any area on board. 

Some reasons why this is the Ultimate Whale Watching Adventure: 

  • Super RIB boat built just for whale watching.
  • Faster speeds meaning more action time in the approximated two-hour-long trip. 
  • Every passenger will get a seat—360-degree views from anywhere onboard. 

Requirements and limitations: Because of this boat’s size and speed, children under the age of 5 are not able to board. Passengers who are disabled, pregnant, or are at risk of back or neck complications should make reservations for a general admission vessel that is larger in size. 

*There are no restrooms onboard, so you need to plan accordingly before you depart.* 

Departure Location: The Shearwater from Newport Coastal Adventure departs from 309 Palm Street, Suite A Newport Beach, CA 92661

VIP Seating 

Pricing: $51.00 (USD) 

The VIP Seating Package is a package that allows guests to visit and sit near the captain’s quarters during the duration of the whale watching tour. As an adaptation to COVID-19, captain seating was altered to allow for social distancing. VIP seating is limited to only six spaces per cruise time and allows guests to sit near the captain’s quarters. Guests will get an inside look into how to spot mammals and get to narrate on personal levels. While you will have VIP seating, you can move freely around the vessel knowing you have a reserved seat to go back to. This experience is amazing for children and equally memorable for adults. 

Precautions and Changes as a result of COVID-19:

In an effort to protect customers in response to COVID-19, the whale watching tours will reduce passenger numbers per trip, and boats will receive high standard cleanings between every departure. Also, keep in mind that passengers will be in an open environment while aboard the vessel as no enclosures prohibit the air, the passengers breathe, and no confined spaces will be filled. 

While the Coronavirus is still an aspect we have to respect in our daily lives, there is still an abundance of safe events in Orange County to enjoy in the first month of the new year. Newport Landing’s whale watching tours are one of the many companies that have adapted to the pandemic and still make it possible to explore and make memories with the family. Experience the best whale and marine wildlife sites and continue to enjoy events in Orange County this year! 

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