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What Used Car Is Best For Uber In OC?

Uber Drivers Need To Look At Used Cars For Sale Orange County


What Used Car Is Best For Uber In OC?

These days, a lot more Orange County residents are using Uber and ridesharing, and that means a lot more people are driving for Uber, too. It can be a convenient side job if you enjoy driving or at least can tolerate it. If becoming a driver for this fast-growing company is a viable option for you, then you might find yourself looking at cars for sale Orange County. But what’s the ideal used vehicle to drive for ridesharing?


Features Your Car Will Need


You should keep in mind that Uber maintains multiple “service levels,” like UberX, Uber SUV, etc. For each level, an Uber user will pay a different amount, and you’ll need certain features for your car if you want to meet the qualifications of a driver. Your vehicle must be ten years old or newer. It should be a dependable model, roomy, and comfortable. Four-door options work better than two-door models.


There are several passenger amenities you should have as well. Power seats and windows, working AC, heat, stereo, USB port, and back seat cup holders should all be featured. You want a vehicle with ample head and legroom so that customers of all sizes will feel comfortable. You want a quiet interior, which means there should be no rough engine idling, no bumping or dragging noises, or anything else that will disturb your rider or lead them to question the car’s safety. You should have a good range of vision, there should be multiple airbags, and generally speaking, the more additional safety features your vehicle has, the better. This is useful for you as well, since it will lead to lower monthly insurance premiums.


Different Uber Levels


If you intend on driving an UberX, you’ll need a compact to mid-range car that seats up to four passengers. That means the Toyota Camry or Corolla are excellent choices. A Prius or a Prius V would also be suitable. If you’re going with the UberXL rating, your vehicle needs to seat seven riders. The Toyota Sienna or the Highlander Hybrid would be some top picks for you if you’re buying for this purpose. If you’re getting into the UberSUV market, then you’re looking to seat six passengers, and your ride should be of the high-end variety. The Toyota Sequoia will fit the bill nicely.


Uber and ridesharing have changed the lives of both the passengers who use them regularly and the drivers who are making a living or picking up some extra cash through this venture. Ridesharing is good for the planet because it means fewer vehicles on the road and fewer carbon emissions, and it’s one of the best ways to get around the OC.   




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