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Your Kids Need Things To Do, Orange County

Things To Do, Orange County: Keeping The Kids Entertained


Your Kids Need Things To Do, Orange County

If you want events, Orange County visitors, then we’re back with some more suggestions for things to do with your kids while you’re visiting Southern California. The O.C. is bound to have the perfect activity for your young ones, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as well.


Let’s dive in, with the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, in Buena Park. If your child is into knights, jousting, and swordplay, this is a solid pick. The costumes, horses, falconry, and general air of adventure is sure to captivate, and the kids are meant to eat dinner without utensils, which is always a big hit. They also have special packages for birthdays.


Next is Adventure City Amusement Park, in Stanton. If Disney is too big and daunting, this is a more reasonably-priced selection, with many rides and shows for the young ones to enjoy. It features a carousel, the Freeway Coaster, and the Balloon Race and Barnstormer Plane rides. There’s also a petting zoo, puppet shows several times each day, and an area where children can play with trains from the “Thomas and Friends” franchise.


Boomers Amusement Park has two locations in the O.C., one in Irvine, and the other in Fountain Valley. Each one has go-karts, bumper boats, arcade games, kiddie rides, and batting cages. The one in Irvine is the larger of the two, as it also features a water play area, and laser tag. This is a good choice if you have children in your group that are both a little younger and older, as there should be selections there that both will enjoy.


Our last pick is the zoo, and there’s a couple of smaller ones that are very kid-friendly. There’s the Orange County Zoo, in Irvine, and the Santa Ana Zoo, at Prentice Park. Rather than bigger zoos like those in LA and San Diego, these are more targeted regarding their exhibits. The Orange County Zoo has animals from the American Southwest, and there’s also paddle boats, bike rentals, and a train ride. The Santa Ana Zoo has a petting zoo with farm animals and fifty varieties of monkey.


That’s going to do it for this edition of kid-friendly activities. We’ll be back next time with more suggestions for how to keep your young ones entertained in the O.C.  

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