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Bee Infestations Should Be Handled by Bee Removal Experts


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Bee Infestations Should Be Handled by Bee Removal Experts

Honeybees are all around us. Like most insects, they share most of our outdoor environments and occasionally interact with us in our domestic lives. Whether you’re having a picnic in the park or gardening in the backyard, you will be able to spot bees in their natural routines. However, sometimes our coexistence with these insects can lead to some unfavorable results for both the bees and for us. In the case of an infestation, bee removal services in Orange County are necessary to restore the peace and safety of our shared environment. 

While most bees will only behave defensively, it can be risky to have swarm or hive in or around your home. Not only does this cause an immediate noise disturbance, but it can also lead to structural damage to property and threaten the safety of children, pets, and anyone who is allergic to bee stings. In some cases, bees may be unintentionally provoked to aggression by external factors or stress that can end in someone getting hurt. Here are some of the ways that bee infestations can be harmful and why they should be dealt with by professionals: 

Bees Can Damage Your Property

Typically, bees look for locations that are cool, sheltered, and separate from predators to build their hives. Unfortunately, this means that many bees are attracted to suburban neighborhoods and, specifically, the crevices of homes. It is not uncommon for hives to be made in attics, roofs, and walls. People who experience these kinds of infestations not only feel the violation of their space but they can also experience serious property damage. Heavier hives can weaken or break foundations and beeswax or honey can cause stains, rotting, and moisture damage. 

Bee Honey Can Attract Other Pests

In nature, the production of honey is a beautiful and wonderful process. However, it can be one of the worst parts of a bee infestation. Honey is sweet and aromatic, which can attract other insects, bugs, and rodents to the place of the hive—in your house! This can cause an additional pest problem on top of the infestation. Professional bee removal experts are trained in removing all aspects of an infestation, including the sticky sweet stuff, so you don’t have to worry about attracting more creatures, or even another hive, to your house. 

Bee Stings Can be Dangerous

While many people have been stung by bees with fairly mild symptoms, there is a greater danger posed with an infestation. Multiple bee stings by an aggravated hive can be life-threatening for some people. According to bee experts, non-allergic adults can handle ten bee stings for every pound of their body weight. However, those who are allergic to bee stings can be severely affected by a small amount of venom. In many cases, people have never been stung by a bee and, thus, do not know if they are allergic or not. It is always best to exercise caution and avoid any situations in which bees could be provoked and have a close target. 

Final Thoughts

Bee removal services are necessary for de-escalating certain situations with bees and ensuring that immediate risks are eliminated. Many people do not have a complete understanding of bee behavior and, thus, do not know how to react when they are in close proximity to these creatures. Orange County bee removal experts are specially trained to assess a bee problem and employ the right strategy. They also have access to the appropriate tools that make the job faster, safer, and more effective. 

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