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Bee Swarm Removal: Do’s and Don’ts


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Bee Swarm Removal: Do’s and Don’ts

Do you hear the bees buzzing outside the window too often? Do you ever notice a sizeable dark cluster of bees suddenly hanging from a woodpile in your backyard, a ladder, fence or a tree branch? These are the loveable swarming honey bees. Do you know what you need to with them exactly? If not, whatever you do, please do not kill them – reach out to professional bee removal Orange County professionals who would love to move them to their new home.  

If you are unequipped, do not try bee swarm removal yourself. It does not mean that you have to inform the bee exterminator or the pest control company right away. It is possible to remove the bees free of charge and in a humane manner.

Read on this article before you decide to destroy and remove the swarm. It will help you save your money, and the bees while removing them safely.

Although it may unnerve some people, a bee swarm is a fascinating sight. A dense cloud of bees whirling in the air can cause panic even on a warm sunny day. First thing you need to understand is the bees are not looking to attack you. They are looking for an available place to make their home. Thereby, a honey bee swarm may stay in a new place while the scout bees continue their search to find a viable place to build their permanent nest.

Keep the distance

When bees are buzzing around you, know that they are not looking to sting you. Keep the distance and always stay away from them, and you should not be bothered by the bees. Once they feel threatened, they will be aggressive and attack you.

Leave the bees alone and give them a wide berth. Too often, you do not need to do anything; leaving them alone is the best idea.

Always keep your pets and children away. After sometimes the swarm will move. It usually takes a day or two. Even if the bees are still worrying you, follow these guidelines to ensure safe removal.

Do not use pesticides

Never spray any chemical or pesticide. It will provoke the bees unnecessarily. Secondly, given the difficulties faced by honey bees,  we should try out to save them. Do whatever it takes to save the ones which you have.

Avoid throwing rocks or sticks

Do not throw rocks, sticks, or any other items in an attempt to force the bees to go away – this will aggravate the bees, and they will more likely going to attack you.

Locate a local beekeeper group

For safe bee removal Orange County, it is essential to locate a beekeeping group in your locale and reach out to them. After all, they are the experts at safe bee swarm removal. You can identify them via beekeeping association or even through their Facebook pages. Some of them might not have a good social media presence. You can contact them via their website too.

Ask for recommendations

Inquire if the beekeepers are happy to remove a swarm safely. If not, you can ask for a recommendation where you could inquire further while saving the bees at the same time.

Most of the beekeepers charge for their services, but some are more than happy to do it for free. Whatsoever is the case, make sure you confirm it in advance, this will help you save your money and time.

The beekeepers may transfer the swarm safely to a new place, start a new colony in a vacant hive, where bees can live safely. Else, you can hand over the bees to them, and they will find a home for the bees – that would be a huge favor though. Brace yourself – this may incur some expenses like fuel costs to transfer the bees from one place to another. Try to find someone nearest to your location. Bee removal Orange County like The Bee Man can provide you the best services.

Contact local farmers

If you are unable to find a local beekeeping professional, then it is always a great idea to contact local farmers. Local farmers often are in contact with the beekeepers.

Reach out to the National Beekeeper Association

If you are still unable to find the beekeepers, contact national beekeeper association who should help you out locate the nearest beekeepers. A last desperate measure is to seek out a supplier of local honey, as they are bound to have some contacts.

Why is it a good idea to hand over the swarm to the beekeeper? Because they will remove the bees humanely, safely, and often free of charge. Keep in mind; an inexperienced beekeeper will not undertake the risk of eliminating bee swarm.

In case the swarm moves on before the beekeeper arrives, let them know as soon as possible. This will prevent them from traveling over to assist you. And it’s fair! You may need their services somewhere in the future, just let them know.

Based on which part of the world you are based in, many local authorities will charge for the removal of a bee swarm. Pay closer attention to what methods do they use, do they use chemicals or whether the bees get harmed. Just in case the bee swarm moves before their arrival, they may ask you for the call out fee!

Dealing with the bee swarm is not always an easy task. The best way to deal with it is to leave it alone. Reach out bee removal Orange County to avail the best bee removal services. If a bee swarm is temporary, avail this unique opportunity to observe the marvelous act of nature – you might not have this privilege again.

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