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How To Ensure Safe Removal Of Wasp Nests


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How To Ensure Safe Removal Of Wasp Nests

When the longer nights and warmer days start, some annoying pests show up – pests that love to ruin our sunny afternoons and calm evenings. Yes, you guessed it out right – we are talking about the wasp.

The presence of annoying wasp nest forces the property owners to engage in nest removal themselves. Never try to remove the nest personally without taking professional help. Trying to remove wasp nests can cause harm. Seek advice from a wasp profession in its removal. If you live in Orange County you can contact bee removal experts who can provide proven bee removal services in the locality.

Follow the below guidelines to learn how you can remove them safely without causing any harm.

What to avoid

When you run a thorough research online, you will find many resources that would advise on implementing DIY tips to remove it. If you try to remove wasp nest without professional help, that might cost you both physically and financially. Wasps require little to no aggravation to attack, and they are the ultimate aggressive creatures.

DIY wasp nest removal is never easy, so avoid that.

Burning a wasp nest

Burning a wasp nest has been a common practice. Unfortunately, it is not a very successful way to remove wasps. Removing wasp nest yourself is a dangerous task. A wasp nest is made of extremely flammable material as it is made of chewed wood which the wasps put together. It is due to this fact that burning a wasp nest leads to properties catching fire and property owners suffering painful burns.

Secondly, it is not an effective way to control a wasp problem, as it does not destroy all the wasps at once. The remainings wasps in the nest become aggressive, and they can attack you and the bystanders.

Flooding water over the nest  

Have you ever tried to get rid of the wasp nests using water? Let’s be honest; flooding a wasp nest is never an effective method at all. Based on where the nest is exactly located, flooding water can cause further damage. For example, if the wasp nest is in your attic, using water to remove it will cause further harm to the ceiling plaster boards and the attic beams.

Even if you try to flood the nest with water, it won’t help at all. You are not going to get rid of all the wasps at once. The remaining ones will become vicious, and attack you and the bystanders, leaving you with a handful of painful stings.

Removing the nest with a baseball bat

Trying to remove wasp nests with a baseball bat or racket will leave you at a considerable risk of getting stung multiple times. Removing the nest with a baseball bat is the least intelligent idea. It is particularly dangerous if you are allergic to wasp stings as you could go into anaphylactic shock – which is life-threatening.

The right way to getting rid of wasps

First and foremost contact your pest control professionals. Removing wasp nests is not an easy job. Therefore we need a professional pest control expert to handle and remove the nests efficiently and safely.

Safety equipment

A professional pest control expert has access to respiratory protective tools and personal protective equipment. These equipment allow him to remove wasp safely while protecting himself from the wasp stings at the same time.

Pay closer attention to small spaces

Pest experts are qualified and trained individuals who can work in minor spaces around your house, such as your attic. They will ensure the safe removal of the wasp nest from your property.

Expert knowledge

A pest control professional has proven knowledge about wasps, and they know all the instincts and behaviors of these pests. They can also easily identify the signs of an allergic reaction to wasp stings and what to do with them.


To remove nests, bee removal experts in Orange County use products that are not available to the general public. These products are efficient, better than most of the DIY products, and they have a proven record of successful wasp nests removal.

DIY wasp nest removal

If you still feel that you will be able to remove a wasp nest successfully, then keep in mind the following things.

  • Have a thoughtful exit strategy, and make a plan properly
  • Never remove a wasp nest during the day time; make sure to remove during the night time. A wasp is more likely to be docile during the night, and therefore they are unlikely to sting
  • Cover your body with protective clothing
  • Never use lantern and flashlights, this will alert the wasps
  • Keep your pets and children at a safe distance

How to remove

You can ensure the safe removal of the wasp nest using the following steps

  • Always approach the nest at night time, slowly and quietly
  • Cover the wasp nest with a garbage bag slowly
  • Detach it from the wall or the tree and seal the bag
  • Place the garbage bag away from the house

If the wasp nest is hard to approach such as if it’s located up high in the tree or underneath your gutter, then seek a professional. Otherwise, this could lead to severe injuries. Do not attempt DIY methods if you are allergic to wasp stings.

Wasp nest prevention

To ensure wasp nest prevention, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Ensure all the entry points and cracked spaces in your house are sealed. Perform regular maintenance, like once a month.
  • Installation of fly screens on windows and screens will prevent wasp from entering the home.
  • Get wasp traps. You can easily buy them online or at your local DIY store. If you are looking for on-budget wasp traps, you can make one at your home using sugar, water, and an empty bottle.

Have you found a wasp nest in your garden or home? Get in touch with the professional pest control and bee removal Orange County before removing it.

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