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Before Calling Bee Removal, It’s Helpful To Know A Little About These Insects


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Before Calling Bee Removal, It’s Helpful To Know A Little About These Insects

Some people in Orange County and elsewhere seem to have an irrational fear of bees. Perhaps they might be allergic to the flying insects, and because of that, they have strong feelings about them.


If bees show up in your home, then you should always contact bee removal professionals to deal with them. However, you needn’t despise the bees, because they don’t mean you any harm, at least not intentionally. Here are some interesting facts that reveal that bees are not monsters, but rather, are part of a complex ecosystem.  


The Perpetuation of the Hive


The queen is the ruler of the hive. If she dies, however, the remaining bees speedily work to produce a new one. They do it by selecting one of the larvae and feeding it royal jelly, special food that is created for the purpose. In time, this chosen one grows into a new queen, and the hive survives.


Great Flyers


In Orange County, the bees you are likely to encounter are more than likely honey bees. They are among the strongest flyers of the insect community, as they can beat their wings 200 times per second.


They Know How to Dance


Did you know that bees can dance, Orange County? It’s true. They do their “waggle dance” to share information about where the best food is to be found. When the workers return to the hive after foraging, they sway their bodies and move in a figure eight to tell the others where to go to find the most pollen.


Bee Disappearances


Within the past 15 years, whole colonies of bees have been disappearing. Of course, you’ll need bee removal if one of them shows up in your home, but aside from that, it’s sad that no one has been able to figure out what is happening to them.


Bees are such critical members of our ecosystem, and without them, it will be difficult for some plant species to survive. There is much speculation among the scientific community as to where the bees are going, but as of yet, there are no concrete answers.


Now that you know more about bees, Orange County, are you not as nervous to be around them? Chances are, if you have been stung by a bee, then it is because you unwittingly angered or frightened it. The best thing that you can do if you encounter a swarm in your home is to keep a safe distance and call bee removal professionals to handle the situation. Soon your home will be free of them again.


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