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Disneyland’s Most Decadent Desserts!



Disneyland’s Most Decadent Desserts!

With these new Disney snacks, you can go hungry to the happiest place on earth

Being a SoCal resident born and raised, I can say with certainty that I have experienced the ultimate in Disneyland adventures

Besides getting totally soaked on Splash Mountain or finding the next exclusive character to sign my signature book, some of my favorite childhood memories were spent sharing a churro or a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich with my mom after a long day of walking around the park. 

While many of the theme park’s classic snacks and food can still be found, Disney has made some incredible additions in the last few years. Even if our childhood snacks are always pure magic for us, these new additions are worth Instagram value.

I have come up with these five things to do in Orange County treats that will definitely help you make some incredible new memories!

Birthday Hat  Macaron – Cozy Cone Hotel

You definitely want to add this to your Instagram story! Mickey’s party hat, the Macaron, is probably the thing ever to happen to a Macaron. It has a marshmallow-like shell with a sweet filling and a pile of confetti sparkles that is ready to pour out of the shell when you break it.

Mickey specialty Churros – Multiple Locations

Nothing beats the Mickey specialty churros, and now you can get your churros in favorite flavors including maple-bacon, caramel corn, and chocolate with sprinkles. And the best part is you don’t even have to leave the park, as the Mickey specialty Churros are also in California Adventure Park. Get your favorite churro with cookie butter and a banana pudding churro! 

Orange Dole Whip and Raspberry – Tropical Hideaway

Tropical Hideaway just introduced two new flavors to tickle your taste buds – orange and raspberry.  If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can also add bacon toppings to the Dole Whip flavors!

Delicious Baos – Tropical Hideaway

One of the best things to do in Orange County is to taste the Spiced Vegetable Bao filled with braised vegetables and chickpeas, as well as the Bulgogi Beef Bao which contains potatoes and chilies. Enjoy these treats while looking out over the cruise attractions. Wait! Don’t miss the Chilled Ramen Shakers. 

Lavender Milk Tea – The Red Rose Taverne

The Lavender Milk Tea is almost too beautiful to drink! Like ALMOST! You will get this drink with purple whipped cream, lemon popping pearls, and lavender Sugar in Fantasyland. 

Purple Fish Tacos – Rancho Del Zocalo

To your surprise, it’s not just the sweets that are purple! At Rancho Del Zocalo, you will find the Purple Fish Tacos. These Baja-style purple fish tacos come with spicy lime aioli and cabbage slaw with a side of blue corn fries. 

Dole Whip Float With Rum – Tangaroa Terrace

Hold on! This isn’t really a new spot, but I am going to count it in because the Tangaroa Terrace just reopened and is not very well known. You can stroll inside the Disneyland Hotel and enjoy this treat! Good news – you don’t need to even be a guest to enjoy these things to do in Orange County

“Share your Ears” Cheeseburger – Smokehouse Jumpers Grill

A classic American cheeseburger with two smaller burgers is definitely one must have things to do in Orange County. This will for sure need some attention! It’s ideal for sharing with your Disney band members, as the “Share Your Ears” Cheeseburger is a delicious three-in-one burger treat that will rock your tastebuds.

Foot-Long Hotdog – Pluto’s Dog House

With this food stop you will never have to sneak snacks into Disneyland again! Disney not only offers a full-size beef hot dog – but it also offers a whole beef hot dog with full mac and cheese, then the hot dog is sprinkling with crispy bacon. You definitely want to take a photo worth Instagram (and some extra napkins please).

Beer Cheese Dog – Award Weiners

If you don’t get your cheesy hot dogs from Hot Diggity Dog, stop on by to Award Weiners. If you are craving for a slice of grilled cheese, a hot dog, some cheese puffs and a little jalapeno, then this is the snack you should be looking for! Be sure to pay attention to the hidden Mickey…

Mickey Celebration Cake – Walt Disney World Resort

Your trip to the OC wouldn’t be completed without a creamy piece of cake! Indulge your senses with a strikingly colorful and eye-catching Mickey celebration piece of cake. 

A delicate balance of tart and sweetness in a single piece of cake, the light layer of this vibrant cake is also suitable for the eyes and taste buds. 

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