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Beauty Treatments To Get Ready For Summer Selfies



Beauty Treatments To Get Ready For Summer Selfies

Summer is just around the corner! So brace yourself for stunning family photos at the beach, short skirts, and ghastly sunburns. If you prefer to protect your skin under the clothes, it may lose its shine because of lack of oxygen supplied to your skin. Your hair will lose the oomph and glamour that you like to show off in the warmer months.

Wondering what things to do in Orange County this summer? Head to the beach if you have a selfie swag. If you are worried about having the most perfect selfies this summer, take a deep breath, because DermFx has several new innovative ways to boost your confidence level, without a filter! 

ARTAS Robot Hair Repair

Unless you have watched The Terminator one too many times, the technique here involves an actual robot that transplants hair – yes, you read it correctly. Just a few clinics have this technology, but DermFx helps you thicken your hair without any problems. So far the procedure has not demonstrated any of the drawbacks found in older hair restoration treatments. 

It is minimally invasive and ultra-fast, and won’t cause any scarrings and stitches. The result is permanent, and the need to cover the beanie hat or baseball cap will disappear!

The ARTAS robot program provides a very natural effect. After the treatment, you can safely wear any length or style of hair, and is a minimally invasive hair restoration solution that uses digital imaging and precision robotics to collect healthy transplant grafts. 

Unlike older hair repair methods there is no need to surgically remove the head scalp from sides and back of the head, leaving no linear scars after surgery and no sutures or staples to close the wound. The benefits are fast recovery time and the ability to resume normal activities and work faster.


This trendy microchannel treatment has 24kt gold microneedles that can bring excellent benefits to the skin – perhaps this is where Bruno Mars gets inspo for his hit song! 

If needles scare you, don’t worry because each microneedle is thinner than a human hair, and the treatment is painless and effective, avoiding common complications that occur in other similar procedures.

Botox and Juvederm

Wrinkles and fine lines, be gone! The DermFx team’s gravity and aging are incomparable. This full-service medSpa is ranked 35th in the US Botox and Juvederm. The team at the DermFx is proud to be among the few people named Black Diamond level providers, which is the highest level that can be achieved! 

Use DermFx’s most advanced laser treatment to eliminate blemishes, hair, and more. For 15 years, they have been a leader in laser and light processing. Talk to their friendly staff today and seek professional advice to find out which laser treatment plan is best for your skin. Getting your skin glowing is the ultimate thing you can do once you are in Orange County. 


The bikini season feels like its light years away, but newsflash, depending upon where you live in California it is a solid one or two months long! 

This FDA-approved latest treatment is effective due to its primary focus on the structural causes of Cellulite. Even those who are healthy and have the least body fat can still fight the appearance of Cellulite. While several potential treatments can help reduce Cellulite, most of them are expensive and do not meet the needs of those seeking practical results.

What if we tell you that DermFx answers your prayer?

Unlike other treatments, Cellfina treats the root cause of Cellulite and helps create smoother skin. Topical treatments and other solutions may not work at all, but Cellfina helps overcome the challenges of Cellulite.

Due to it’s incredibly high reported levels of satisfaction Cellfina is the ultimate choice of patients and doctors. Because Cellulite is not a cosmetic problem, it needs to be handled at the core of its foundation. 

How does that work?

Cellulite is caused by a tie strip that grows between the fat and the skin. The fat in the buttocks and thighs can then appear on the surface in the form of pleats, and because women’s skin is thinner, the appearance of Cellulite appears on their bodies. 

When the tension is released, the treated skin becomes smooth, and the patient can begin to see the results in just three days. Just one treatment is enough, and satisfaction is a guarantee!

Get ready to break out the shorts, higher-hemmed dresses, and mini skirts because you will be more than ready to exhibit your smooth stems. 

Clearlight Acne System

Acne is not just due to puberty, as adults also experience those nasty bumps. Acne usually begins with an abnormal number of bacteria and often causes painful sputum, an inflammatory pustule called acne or inflammatory acne that can appear on the face, chest, back, limbs, and any other part of the body.

Acne can produce lifelong scars both physically and emotionally, but I have good news for you! At DermFx, the professional clinical staff and specialists use the latest technology and proven methods to help you meet all your skin care needs.

DermFx has an attack plan that lets your skin tone clear, glow, prepare for self-portraits, and allows your followers double-check, like there is no tomorrow.

DermFx also has a charity called the Forgotten Foundation, and a large percentage of its profits to the orphanage in Mexicali, Mexico. Almost everything they do, especially their major annual fairs, raises money for this cause. 

Family-owned mom and pops and famous medical spas have evolved from a single laser hair removal machine to now around 25-30 different lasers in every clinic. Bonus: They just opened a fourth clinic in Orange. Book an appointment now!

Check out the list of things to do in Orange County before you could plan your trip this summer. Make sure you hire used cars in Orange County to have affordable travel in SoCal. 

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