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Head to Promenade Pub in Anaheim for These 10 Beer and Food Pairings



Head to Promenade Pub in Anaheim for These 10 Beer and Food Pairings

This Anaheim Food and Craft Beer Haven Is The New Food Lover’s Go-To 

You will find a bustling neighborhood of your all-time favorites and undiscovered gems in Downtown Anaheim. The Promenade Pub is a family-friendly Pub in the heart of Anaheim, and is the perfect place to stay and dine!

The owner has brought his passion for cooking to his business. Twenty types of beer and delicious food menus are always available at this Pub, which is enough to make anyone a loyal regular.

Let’s dig deeper into how you can adequately pair freshly poured and compassionate whipping dishes at this Pub:

Promenade Bar Says Relaxing Anaheim Craft Beer


If you’ve been following beer trends, the latest seasonal craze for Hazy IPAs is everywhere. This groundbreaking beer is one of the most eye-catching blends of beer for decades, as it uses fruit and hops aromatics.

At the Promenade Pub, Offshoot Beer Co.’s Relax (It’s Just Hazy IPA) was in demand before it was available here.

I have that punk – Wit the Funk

If you are a real Orange County beer lover, you know that Brucie has mastered the art of sour drinks. For Wit the Funk, it is a delicate blend of French oak and sour, with a citrus passion.

Because of it’s hoppy and fruit-infused aromatics, the unique beer is one of the most popular blends to shake up the craft beer industry in decades. 

Squeeze me? Anaheim Craft Beer Cali squeeze

It is a must-have summer staple. Packed in a pie; it is light, fruity, and easy to drink! This beer-flavored sandwich is sandwiched with sauerkraut, and Dijon mustard makes this staple a German-inspired taste bud.

Ol’ faithful – Kraftwerk

For Kraftwerk by Stereo Brewing Company, the phrase ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ is sacred, and they offer a time-tested Kölsch cheese with German malt and hops that is never disappointing.

A beer like this should get some satisfying dishes, such as Pub Tots. It is filled with melted Gruyere and cheddar cheese, high-quality ribs, bacon, chopped green onion and topped with its signature, rich barbecue sauce. Maybe you will need to visit Hungry because this dish is not a small feast to finish!

Tropic loves its hot Anaheim craft beer – Tropicus

Visit the Oceanside to taste a pint of Tropicus made by the Black Plague and enter your summer right! Blended with orange and grapefruit, this tropical beer is very light and almost too easy to drink. It has a prominent, elastic front that leaves a smooth, fruity aftertaste. 

Things to do in Orange County, add the order of their sumptuous Harris Ranch steak sandwiches, which are stuffy in horseradish cream with crispy onions and rectangular bread for an endless summer atmosphere.

Mango Tango – Tuff Gong Mango IPA

Another hot topic on the Promenade Pub by Stereo Brewing Company is Tuff Gong Mango IPA. This West Coast-style IPA is dominated by its sweet mango flavor while displaying subtle pines and sourness, and these juicy wings explode with sweetness, spices, and everything else. 

Blondes have more fun Anaheim craft beer – Balboa blonde

Use the Balboa Blonde Ale on Golden Road to turn the Promenade Pub into your private beach. Its pomegranate taste complements its subtle sourness.

So one of the great things to do in Orange County is visiting this place for some quality time with your friends.

Feeling blue? – Veruca

This newest member to join the Orange County Brewing Scene is from Anaheim and is appropriately named Blenheim. 

We recommend the Veruca Blueberry Beer from Brewheim at the Promenade Bar, and you can enjoy brunch, as Rustic French Toast is a gourmet paradise with this beer. 

The fluffy bread rolls are topped with rich homemade whipped cream; nostalgic Jem infused with maple syrup, almonds, blueberries, and a little cinnamon. 

¡ Viva la Cerveza! – Cheve

You don’t have to go down the border to get a Mexican taste, as the TAPS Brewery has its iconic beer in the Cheve!

For all the michelada lovers out there, this beer is a star of the Promenade Pub’s classic Mexican drink. To provide a real bet, you can enjoy breakfast tacos at the brunch, with seasoned rice is served to make you feel at home.

Sausage mixed scrambled eggs, cotija cheese, avocado, and crunchy tortilla wraps are wrapped in soft tortillas. The most conservative secret of the promenade is the side of the smoked rice made by the 25-year-old recipe of the grandfather of the bar manager Danielle. Every issue! 

Honorable Drinking – Warrior contribution

The San Diego-based brewery Bitter Brothers Brew Co. and Nickel Beer Co. collaborate to provide PTSD to veterinarians and emergency responders through beer. 

Each purchase of this golden beer will fund the non-profit organization Inner North Star PTSD Retreat Center, which offers free treatment options. 

One of the best things you can do in Orange County is giving charity, so be a charity drinker and enjoy a full American breakfast with Mary’s Chicken and Waffles.

Don’t miss to check out Orange County used cars for sale before you live this adventurous place. 

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