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5 Ways to Make Coffee While At OC



5 Ways to Make Coffee While At OC

From French Press To Espresso, These Coffee Recipes Will Start your Day right

When you enter Common Room Roasters you will be entering into another world of brewing, with the branch offering only the best single and blended coffee from around the world. Originally based out of Melbourne, Australia, this store focusing on wholesale specialty coffee has just opened up in Newport Beach!

Its Newport Beach restaurant and café offer coffee connoisseurs a seasonal coffee menu, a dedicated barista training lab, as well as a cupping room.  When we started learning how to make the perfect cup, we even impressed the director of the Common Room Roasters, Ed Moffatt. This is what we’ve learned!

Remember, no matter what type of coffee you make at home, the key to success is the same: it’s about the quality of the water you add and the beans that must be ground before brewing. The ratio of coffee to water should be precisely 15 grams of water to 1 Gram coffee. The process itself, of course,  is also important.

Here are the things to do in Orange County to make your home coffee beat the experts! To ensure your coffee has perfect taste and aroma, follow these guidelines. 

French Press Coffee Techniques

For this technique, you need a French press. Grind your coffee and then place it in a pot of boiled water for approximately a minute. Pro Tip: Cover the coffee with some of the hot water, let it bloom for 30 seconds, and then pour in the rest. This fully immersed brewing technology incorporates all the beans and offers a smooth, hearty, and rich cup.

Common Room Roasters won the second position in the United States in 2017 for the best espresso.

Aero Press Coffee Technology

This second full immersion technique is perfect for travelers. The lightweight, plastic single-sided press can be stored in a carry-on and has all the quality of an authentic French Press. 

Place the coffee on the bottom of the Aero press and pour in the hot water (remember to let it bloom!) After a minute, gently press the coffee to produce a complete cup of coffee, just like in the Common Room Roaster experts themselves!

Moccamaster Coffee Technology

The Ferrari drip coffee machine is a foolproof device that lets you play with the strength of the beans while providing consistency and balance. 

Before brewing the machine will grind the beans for you, so that you can get a dazzling cup of coffee every time, with only a small amount of time and effort. Sit down and watch the magic unfold in front of you!

Pour Over

This method is suitable for more experienced domestic brewers. As described by the name, the coffee is placed in a cone filter system that is placed over the cup, and when the coffee is slowly discharged into the underlying cup, pour the hot water gently onto the coffee (start again at a 15:1 ratio and bloom the coffee). 

The result is a smooth, honest cup of coffee, as mellow as the creative process. This method creates a lightweight and delicate cup that shows the true characteristics of each coffee origin. 

Pro Tip: Do not add milk with this method

Common Room Roasters’ own music podcasts, “Coffee, Beans and Beats”, and which live broadcast on Saturday. You can download it on iTunes and enjoy it while having your own cup of coffee.


For those of us who desire their own home espresso machine, espresso provides the ultimate coffee experience with its bold, syrupy,  and concentrated impact. The beans are finely ground and hot water is poured into the ground powder to produce a thick syrup that is not suitable for weak taste buds.

Pro Tip: One side of the “bubble” (sparkling water) will clean the palate and remove the edges off!

Common Room Roasters won second place in the United States in 2017 for the best espresso.

Want to try new things to do in Orange County for brewing coffee at home technology? Common Room Roasters sells all the equipment you need, and even offer home brewing courses on certain weekends!

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