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Want to Enhance Your Culinary Skills? Check Out These Cooking Classes in Orange County, CA



Want to Enhance Your Culinary Skills? Check Out These Cooking Classes in Orange County, CA

If you have ever considered taking a cooking class as an adult, you may be surprised to discover that you are in good company. There is no shame in deciding that you need extra help learning how to cook, and that is why we are here today to share some of the best cooking classes you can sign up for to put on your list of things to do in Orange County; as the fall approaches!

Here are our top recommendations:

CulinaryLab Cooking School (Tustin)

CulinaryLab Cooking School provides an experiential, modern, hands-on education for all levels of cooks, including aspiring chefs, serious home cooks, and industry professionals.

“CulinaryLab is a fun place to learn more about cooking. The bread baking workshop I took was very organized and fun. My instructor was thorough and knowledgeable. Learning in a commercial kitchen was fun, and having the dishwashing crew was a treat! All of the items I made were delicious, and there was enough to share with the whole fam.” – Amber B., Josephine OR

Le Gourmet Culinary (Orange)

Bruce Colucci and Jonathan Salmon, award-winning kitchen designers, brought this unique culinary experience to life inside the kitchen design studios of Le Gourmet Kitchen, located off the traffic circle in Orange, CA, in the early 1990s. They collaborated with Laguna Culinary Arts early on to provide excellent and enjoyable cooking classes. After a few years, a talented chef named Martin Gilligan took over the helm of Le Gourmet Culinary and sold it to Chef Mitchell Frieder, a fifty-year culinary veteran of the fine dining scenes in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Our passion is to teach time-tested cooking methods and techniques to culinary newcomers and more seasoned cooks in a fun environment.

“My husband and I took a sushi class with Oba and we had a great time. We love sushi and have been dying to learn how to make it at home. The sushi we made was great and we learned so much.” – Kallie A., San Clemente

Chefschool (Costa Mesa)

This school specializes in hands-on professional and recreational cooking classes for anyone who wants to improve their cooking abilities. Chefschool is a cooking school that caters to all levels of cooks by providing a fun and friendly environment for culinary education. In a working, professional kitchen, courses focus on kitchen safety, history, and proper technique while using seasonal ingredients – always local and organic when possible! Chefschool provides a wide range of culinary courses.

“For our daughter’s 13th birthday party, she wanted a sushi-making party. I smiled, but was internally overwhelmed because I don’t know how to make sushi and our kitchen isn’t a big enough space for a party like this. I found Heidi and chefschool online and I am so glad I did…She gave my daughter exactly what she wanted and created an amazing party!!!” – Chris S., Irvine

The Pastry School (Tustin)

The Pastry School first opened its doors in San Clemente in 2012, and chef Stéphane Tréand debuted his classes and Master Series program here. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive school will teach you everything you need about pastry, baking, and confectionery arts. How’s that for delicious things to do in Orange County?

“My first visit. The almond croissant is fabulous. Cute place, very clean, open kitchen, they’re so nice.”– Gail M., Fountain Valley

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