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Best Spots for Breakfast in Orange County



Best Spots for Breakfast in Orange County

What is the breakfast on the weekend that makes it more significant than lunch or dinner? 

Breakfast for most people, most of the time, is spent alone. But at weekends, it is a great opportunity to start a new day and share a meal with the person you care about the most.

If you are wondering what the things to do in Orange County are, check out these 25 best breakfast places in Orange County:

Balboa Lily’s 

Balboa Lily’s is a popular café on the peninsula with a large open-air courtyard by the beach. Although they are known for their wide variety of lattes (the most popular being honey lavender), their menu is mouthwatering!

Gratitude Kitchen and Bar 

This 100% vegetarian restaurant is working hard to promote plant-based meals that are both beautiful and delicious.

Their “Meatless Monday” product offers you a 50% discount on the top featured menus of the week, but the fun doesn’t stop there! The perfect branded creative cocktail menu and Gratitude’s healthier lifestyle add to the experience.

Haute Cake Caffee

Haute Cakes Caffe is a great holiday destination. With their menu attempting to bring you back to the taste of home. 

For breakfast and lunch, the menu offers classic specialties. If you haven’t tried the short stack of their signature orange Ricotta Premium Cake, what are you waiting for?

Social Costa Mesa 

Grab your best shots and let your taste buds socialize in one of Mesa’s best weekend brunch joints.

This place has everything you can ask for, from warm ambient lighting to sturdy and modern interiors, and with your heft dose of classic and delicious food.

Euro coffee

If you are ready to taste Europe without leaving Orange County, please say “oui, oui!”! Whether it’s dessert or savory, the pizza from Euro Caffe is a one-way ticket for a flavor tour you won’t forget.

This small café is bright and vibrant with a mosaic table to accentuate the aesthetics of the old world.


Eggslice is probably the only truly hidden jewel on this list, as it is open only from 7-11AM Wednesday through Saturday and 8-11AM on Sunday. If you want to explore more things to do in Orange County, you must be an early riser to experience their whimsical classic breakfast sandwich!

Coyote Grill

Coyote Grill is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year! This family-run classic in South Laguna has picturesque views of the coast. Just a short walk from Table Rock Beach, this beachfront meeting place is the best choice for Mexican brunch on this side of the border.

Cafe Culture 

This small café in downtown Santa Ana is still serving all the high-quality food and beverages that you know and love!

This is all about Cafe Culture – with their menu offers breakfast classics and Latin-style hand-held delights.

Early Bird

Early bird is truly unique, for although it may be modest from the outside, the inside is fantastic! The Early Bird restaurant has one of the most sumptuous menus to serve the hungriest men (and women) around, as their Omelets and light meals will satisfy your appetite.

Rooster Cafe 

This small, practical diner is exactly what the doctor ordered! With a light menu that serves excellent breakfast, lunch, or dinner items all day, you won’t have a hard time selecting.


Snooze offers a breakfast that will satisfy any crowd! Whether it be outsiders, first dates, mimosa addicts, or just your morning party audience, this 70s’-chic restaurant offers a truly unforgettable experience. 

The menu is very large, so you will have plenty of time to occupy yourself when you are waiting for your table. 

The Scratch Room 

With large portions at comfortable prices, nothing on this menu will disappoint. Whatever you order, we absolutely insist on their famous banana bread – freshly baked and made from scratch every day, with incredible moistness! 

Hangouts Restaurant and Beach Bar

Quickly enjoy a snack or drink after a successful beach day, because this joint won’t be going anywhere! There are many options on the menu… but don’t miss out on their mean omelet!

Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar

Breakfast at this Old Town Orange gastropub is only available on Sundays but offers a unique selection that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Their Duck Confit Chilaquiles and Chicken Liver Toast are to die for!

Bosscat Kitchen Libations

Bosscat is a paradise for boozing. Every weekend, you can expect a vibrant person to have a brunch and exercise with the resident DJ. Be sure to bring your best friend if you want to enjoy the things to do in Orange County at the fullest!

Brussels Bistro

The Brussels Bistro serves a selection of sweet and savory waffles, including Mikado Waffle ice cream and hot chocolate, as well as smoked salmon waffles with smoked salmon and baby spinach salad. 


They offer you the comfort of a West Coast breakfast experience, with every dish on the menu being seasonal!

Eat Chow 

This top breakfast spot is sure to deliver on your expectations. Start your breakfast with an eye-opening Intelligentsia coffee or four mimosas, then have breakfast on chilaquiles, full of bold, crunchy, and smoked flavor!

Ramos House

Chef Q’s menu offers some old Southern talents, with menus offering fresh and unique items such as Scottish quail eggs, Sorta steaks and eggs, and even squaw bread recipes dating back to the 1800s!

Old VineCafé

Family favorites and deep Southern traditions meet SoCal Classics in this café. Homemade sangria or thin chilled mocha will definitely get your day back from the night before! And satisfy your inner child with a pizza omelet! 

Outpost Kitchen

Be sure to try their in-house smoked salmon! If you like adventure, try The Mongrel; every day there are rotating chef favorites!

Café Hermosa

This place is perfect for a light breakfast before the weekend adventure! The bright and open café has a neat design and plenty of natural light for a peaceful atmosphere.

Kitchen in Canyon

Don’t let the gourmet menu or the ultra-stylish environment fool you, this restaurant offers great prices and better reviews!

The Sandwich Society

These sandwiches are not for the faint-hearted! If you like food that challenges you, then the coffee shop is your best choice. To be consistent with their sandwich theme, they offer a full breakfast between two fluffy pancakes or their signature bubble waffles, including eggs, bacon, sausage or ham and cheese! 


This is the most authentic Mexican breakfast you can find in OC! Using French-inspired traditional Mexican ingredients, they created “Cocina de Barrio” with its own blend of unique dishes.

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