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Summer Dishes At Orange County That Will Fill Your Belly



Summer Dishes At Orange County That Will Fill Your Belly

Locals are lining up to try Mesa’s new menu, find out why!

Most Orange County locals over the age of 21 know that they can go to the Mesa Lounge in Costa Mesa for that perfected summer evening, making time for that special date night or just dinner with family and friends. 

The food at the Mesa is delicious and the atmosphere completely compliments its relaxed, elegant feel. Whether you are going there for a party, enchanting food, the good atmosphere, or just a piece of beautiful music, the Mesa will not disappoint!

Mesa has also recently introduced some new items to their menu, and here is a list of these delicious food items and things to do in Orange County.

Chicken Sandwich

All of us get the craving for a good chicken sandwich from time to time, and the Mesa variety has met this desire on the deck. 

Their sandwich menu includes fried chicken, red cabbage, tortillas, and Mexican-style bread. “Fried chicken sandwiches have always been a good thing in the past few years, I just started getting cravings for a chicken sandwich!” said one customer. Are you hungry yet?

Brussels Leaves

Brussels sprouts have become an essential across the global menu, so it’s no surprise that Mesa has added this versatile vegetable to their repertoire too. 

This dish features Brussels sprouts and balsamic vinegar, almond slices, and leeks.


A classic burger will always be a favorite, and it is what diners want, which is why Mesa’s chef is always ready to deliver the best burgers in town! Their burgers are simply delicious and straightforward.

Two family mix pies, Havarti cheese, American cheese, and 1000 island sauce make these delicious burgers sure one of the best things to do in Orange County. Sometimes you can’t resist a cheat day!

Mushroom Pizza

There is nothing more American than Pizza! And When it comes from Mesa, you won’t be disappointed, as the restaurant is the preferred destination for late-night pies.

Everyone is ready to try this new invention because Mesa’s chef combines authentic Mornay sauce, Mozzarella cheese, and mushroom mixture into handmade creations. 

Cucumber Salad

Going for a Cucumber salad at Mesa is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Orange County

Okay, so cucumbers may not be everyone’s favorite, but the vegetable is packed with nutrients, and the Mesa’s cucumber salad offers a delicious blend of mint, dill, coriander, and green veggies. 

Mesa’s chief Chef said they want to re-invent their cucumber salad as “a goddess of green”, have it be a refreshing start to your day! If you want to have an affordable trip around OC, make sure you check used cars near Santa Ana.

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