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5 Best Colleges in OC to Get Your Degree



5 Best Colleges in OC to Get Your Degree

These colleges are among the best in Orange County, check out why!

For those with the opportunity, going on to college after High School can be an incredible opportunity. 

You have to consider a lot of things when choosing a university. What will campus life be like? How is the environment of the university? Or what is the ranking of the university nationally and internationally?

It is important to find an institution that meets your academic goals, fosters your skills, and compliments your personality. 

Are you tired of scrolling through internet pages searching for the perfect institute? Well lucky for you things to do in Orange County have compiled a list of the five best universities in Orange County. 

So, take a break and save your researching skills for your classroom!

1 | Vanguard University

Vanguard University is the top university in Orange County! Vanguard is proud of its students’ post-graduate success and has proudly reported that 87% of 2017-2018 alumni are employed or continuing their education.

During school hours students are allowed to work part-time on campus, and Vanguard’s Career Service Center is first class and has proven to be a great resource to help students find jobs both in and out of academia.

In addition to offering traditional undergraduate and postgraduate programs, Vanguard offers professional study programs for individuals with full-time work and/or family.

Students only need to meet once a week to complete their degree in less than four years. The university also offers excellent nursing courses, online RN to BSN courses.

There is a variety of things to do in Orange County. If you are not able to go to school regularly, join Vanguard University to study from your comfort place.

In 2020, Vanguard will celebrate its 100th anniversary! No other university in Orange County has been as successful in giving its students vibrant careers after graduating.

By 2020, the Vanguard University is expected to open a 35,000 square foot student center in the campus center. This state-of-the-art facility will provide students with a cafeteria, fitness center and co-op/leisure space!

2 | Soka University

In addition to the amazing campus, the University of Soka is a good choice when considering your undergraduate or graduate degree, as it ranks among the top 25 national liberal arts schools in US news. 

Soka prides itself on developing a personalized and focused environment with a student/teacher ratio of 8:1, which reduces the average class size to 12 people! 

In addition, Soka includes a semester of foreign travel intuition because they feel that every student should benefit from exploring different cultures.

If you are a travel freak and want to explore the world, then this is one of the best things to do in Orange County. Join Soka university and learn by adventure!

3 | Chapman University

Chapman is passionate about shaping young people and inspiring creative thinkers who have top educators such as Nobel Laureates, MacArthur researchers, publishing writers, and Oscar winners.

Given the respected guidance, student success is deeply rooted in communication and collaboration with experienced leaders. Not sure which area you want to learn? Chapman has more than 110 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 40 postgraduate programs.

4 | Concordia University Irvine

Concordia extends higher education by offering traditional undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as nursing, doctoral, and online degree programs. 

Concordia is committed to promoting student education and is considered to be the 17th fastest growing master’s degree program in the United States. 

Athletics include softball, basketball, cross-country, football, swimming and diving, tennis, athletics, volleyball, water polo, lacrosse and baseball, volleyball, water polo and lacrosse for women.

Another important feature of this university is that regardless of their financial situation, they encourage students to participate and thrive. Through their $85 million faith march, students have received much financial support over the years. 

5 | Brandman University

Going to college is a huge time commitment and usually involves a structured timeline. If you have a previous obligation which prevents you from using the same time for your courses, then Brandman is the ticket. 

With the University’s MyPath program, you can get your bachelor’s and master’s degrees completely online and at your own pace. There is no traditional semester, so you can stop at will. 

This flexibility is unparalleled, and it is a good choice for students who cannot go to school regularly. If you feel that you need the extra flexibility than getting admission into Bradman University will be great for you!

So you have it! Start using your ingenuity and do your best!

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