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Cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo Talk About Lingual Braces



Cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo Talk About Lingual Braces

Cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo explains lingual braces, also known as inside braces, are a bracket and wire which are worn on the inside of the tooth. Believe it or not, lingual braces have been around for ages. Lingual braces have been available since the 1970s, but it only has been till the last decade they have become more effective and sought-after. 

Cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo Talks About The Pros And Cons Of Lingual Braces

If you feel self-conscious about wearing braces, you are not the only one. Especially adults who have decided that they would like to correct orthodontic issues with braces later in life. Dentist Mission Viejo Ca sees a majority of mature patients tend to gravitate towards lingual braces. For this reason, adult wearers of braces are more conscious about being noticed at work or socially with braces since there is a misunderstanding that braces are just for teenagers. 

Before you meet up with your orthodontist, you should do your research. During your orthodontic appointment, ask questions and with the help of your orthodontist make an educated decision. Generally, the type of orthodontic treatment that is best for you depends on the orthodontic issue you have to fix. For instance, Invisalign isn’t always the best choice for some patients. Hence the fact that getting expert advice from your Orthodontist is important. 

Typically, braces are made of metal and affixed to the outside of the teeth, even though there are various choices today which include ceramic and lingual braces. The orthodontist places metal wires and rubber bands to the brackets to manipulate the patient’s teeth to correct orthodontic issues. 

Advantages Of Lingual Braces

There are a couple of amazing advantages of wearing lingual braces compared to traditional braces. 


The fundamental advantage of lingual braces is the appearance they provide. Although you are wearing braces, you can talk and have photos taken without anyone noticing them. Lingual braces are so concealed that most wearers can go for a whole treatment without a friend or co-worker ever knowing they had braces. 

Non Removal 

On the contrary to other concealed treatment alternatives, lingual braces don’t have to be removed before you eat or drink. In social settings, many people could feel embarrassed and awkward to remove trays out of their mouth in front of others before consuming any food or drink. 

More than that, patients appreciate the fact that they don’t need to worry about the number of hours they or their child has to wear their aligners. This is usually the case with clear plastic aligners, or also known as Invisalign. There are no risks with misplacing lingual braces since they are always on and working on moving teeth into the proper place. 

No Discoloration

People who consume unhealthy foods or don’t brush their teeth as often as they probably should while wearing braces are exposing themselves to the risks of white spots developing under the bracket that was covering and protecting their teeth. If this happens with lingual braces the white spots would not be noticeable on the inside of the teeth.

Disadvantages Of Lingual Braces

Unfortunately, cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo warns of some disadvantages with lingual braces.


It can take a while before you get used to wearing lingual braces, and during this period you may feel your speech begin to change. Lingual braces can cause wearers to talk with a lisp because the tongue has less space in the mouth. Some people require to spend time practicing how to speak around the braces. 


Lingual braces are more expensive than standard braces. Contradictory to traditional braces, lingual braces have to be custom-made using an impression or digital scan of your teeth. The customized brackets and wires fit against the inside of the teeth. While the braces are adjusted, the teeth move into position. Another downside is that lingual braces patients must attend more appointments regularly for adjustments which also adds to the extra cost. 


Since the braces are on the inside of the teeth, it can be quite a challenge to see when you have food or plaque accumulation around the brackets on your teeth. As much as wearers of braces have to be diligent about teeth cleaning, wearers of lingual braces have a more complicated battle of not being able to see the braces too. 

Not Totally Invisible

Lingual braces are not totally hidden from others. People could still see them when you talk or laugh. Also, if you have to wear them as part of the treatment, the rubber bands will be visible. 

Limits On What You Can Eat

Just like traditional braces, wearing lingual braces will prevent you from eating anything hard, chewy or crusty, since these foods can cause the wire to break or a bracket could dislodge. 

Other Concealed Treatment Options

If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of traditional braces with metal brackets and wires, here are a few alternatives other than lingual braces.

Ceramic Braces

These braces include a bracket glued to each tooth which is made from tooth-colored porcelain instead of stainless steel. The archwire that is used between the brackets can be made white which makes the braces unnoticeable from just a short distance away. 

Clear Plastic Aligners (Invisalign)

Clear plastic aligners cover the teeth like a mouthguard. Every two weeks, the patient has to discard the trays and use the next ones to move the teeth into the next position. However, not all patients’ treatment is suitable for clear plastic aligners. 

Before you decide on any of the treatment options mentioned above, you should talk to your orthodontist. When a patient has a complex malocclusion (teeth crowding) or a bad bite, they are usually not a good candidate for subtle-looking braces. Also, you have to be a very disciplined person to put your aligners back in your mouth after you eat or drink something. Don’t be afraid to ask many questions to help you make the best decision on which treatment is best for you. 

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