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Things To Do In Orange County: Get A Good Massage



Things To Do In Orange County: Get A Good Massage

Over history, complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) have been used to treat medical and mental health conditions. These practices have grown in popularity and they are used along with traditional medical practices. Popular CAM practices include massage, aromatherapy, yoga, acupuncture, and progressive muscle relaxation. 

Today depression and anxiety are two of the major problems that people face which can badly affect the way they live life. As long as you suffer from anxiety and depression, you can not function normally. It does not only affect personal lives but relationships as well. 

While you can get rid of anxiety through prescribed medications, some of the treatments include natural ways like a good massage.

Why is massage important?

How massage therapy helps you get rid of depression is backed by a lot of research. In essence, massage therapy sessions result in a reduction of pain, muscle tension, and stress. Some studies recommended you to use massage therapy along with other medications. Please note that a massage can not replace the regular medical care that you receive from your doctor. 

Massage can help you relieve: 

  • Joint pain
  • Sports injury
  • Stress caused by insomnia
  • Soft tissue injury or strain
  • Headache
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression

What research says

According to studies, more than 40 million American adults suffer from certain anxiety disorders. While some of the available treatment options include medication, other studies have shown that massage can also treat the disease. If you are in Orange County and you are seeking healthy or beneficial things to do, have good massage therapy by the beachside.

How massage therapy can relieve anxiety and panic symptoms

Massage can relieve muscle pain and tension by improving blood circulation and increase flexibility. 

As a relaxation technique, massage therapy controls a fight, flight, or stress response, which is often overactive in patients with anxiety.

Fighting or evading reactions are the cause of terrible thoughts and reactions that often go far beyond any actual threat in the environment. For example, people with phobias often worry about panic attacks in large groups or narrow areas that are embarrassing or difficult to escape.

Fighting or escaping reactions often lead to uncomfortable physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, excessive sweating, and chest pain. Massage therapy can cause a relaxing response, reduce tension, reduce heart rhythm, and often make people feel calm, which can adversely affect the body.

Body benefits of massage include:

  • Reduce muscle pain and tension
  • Improve circulation and flexibility
  • Lower heart rate

The psychological benefits of massage

  • Less anxious thoughts
  • Tamed battle or flight response
  • Less tension and more peace

Massage technique

There have been more than 3,000 years since people are using massage therapy in China. Professionals suggest that after using it in a variety of ways, the massage releases various hormones in the body.  It calms down the body, enhances mood, and reduces pain and depression. 

The best massage practitioners may use a variety of massage methods to help improve your mental health, including:

  • Direct contact with the skin
  • How to get dressed
  • stretch
  • pressure
  • friction
  • Essential oils
  • Acupuncture needles
  • warm stones
  • Twisted posture

How often should you have a massage?

You may have walked in and got the first treatment for anxiety or depression through a massage. Now that you feel much better, you want to know how often you should return. It will depend on the type of problem you are dealing with, the severity, and you.

You will think that the more you go for the message, the better you will feel. Although this seems logical, it is not necessarily the case.

In general, a weekly or bi-weekly massage is enough to bring you the benefits you need. After the symptoms begin to decrease significantly, you can extend the time between massages to once a month.

As time goes by and your mental health begins to change, you may find plenty of other things to do in Orange County.

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