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Top 5 Beaches That Make For Significant Orange County Events



Top 5 Beaches That Make For Significant Orange County Events

With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, we are slowly getting back to what used to be our normal. With restrictions becoming more open, intimate Orange County events are beginning to pick up. Private events are great for family households or a small group of friends when practiced in a safe way. Take the opportunity to throw your own small Orange County event at one of these fantastic beaches! 

Intimate events can be a great way to get out of the house while still being safe. Some small group events you can plan are picnics, moon-bathing, tanning, enjoying the beach, and more! You can grab towels and lay them out on the beach and eat with the ocean breeze swaying along with you with a fantastic sunset view. 

Take a look at these top five beaches in Orange County:

Laguna Beach, CA

There are many activities to do at Laguna beach. Laguna is famous for its astonishing beach waters and weather. Laguna is also an excellent beach for surfing. The area is not limited to but has many hiking trails, incredible sunsets, and fabulous foodie spots!

Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach has so much to offer just within the city. The beach has two piers featuring an amusement park. Additionally, it contains a harbor, great for people interested in sailing. With the extensive range of activities at Newport beach, the opportunities are endless. From snorkeling to kayaking, the possibilities are endless. Newport Beach also has great waves for people that want to catch some waves!

Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach offers an excellent tide for surfers. The surfing scene at Huntington beach is exceptional for those who love to surf! For those interested in learning, Huntington is a great place to pursue surfing lessons. Huntington Beach also has a pier and is near to many tourist spots like ecological reserves. For bikers and walkers, there is also a boardwalk on Huntington beach. The pier is also great for anglers, as it offers a place to fish.

San Clemente, CA

San Clemente features a gorgeous pier and beach. The dock offers impressive views of sunsets and ocean life. There are dolphins in the area as well! People have reported seeing a dolphin or two from the pier. The pier is also near many fabulous restaurants. If you are looking for a laid-back day, this beach would be a great place to kick back and relax. It is also a family-friendly area with dolphin and whale watching trips for family and friends.

Dana Point, CA

Dana Point is known for being one of the most excellent beaches in California. Surrounded by marinas, it is the “Dolphin and Whale-watching capital of the world.” Dana Point can be a perfect getaway for couples to take a cruise or families to take a tour of. Dana Point is also in a calm and very safe area. Overall great for scenic views and memorable experiences. 

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