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Things to do in Orange County This May 2021- The Ecology Center’s TASTE Festival



Things to do in Orange County This May 2021- The Ecology Center’s TASTE Festival

If you’re a true Southern California native, chances are you’ve probably heard about the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. The Ecology Center is one of many fun things to do in Orange County, especially as the weather begins to warm up! Here, they pride themselves on being an organization that uses fun and education to teach the Orange County community all about ecology, agriculture, and environmentalism. With this comes plenty of amazing events held at this center that aim to do just that, like their current TASTE festival! Keep reading to learn more about this wonderful event suited for the whole family. 

All about the TASTE festival 

The Ecology Center’s TASTE festival takes an innovative twist on the classic summer fruit picking experience. In fact, they describe this experience as a multi-sensory and immersive experience, as you’ll find yourself surrounded by delicious treats, local art, music, and plenty of fun! However, the real star of the show at this event is the strawberry. While at the TASTE festival, you’ll explore the entire journey of the strawberry as it goes from seed to food thanks to the three educational and interactive stations located throughout the space. The point is to help foster a deeper sense of appreciation for the work that goes into creating one of life’s sweetest little treats and the land that helps sustain us. 

The GROW station 

The strawberry’s story begins as a seedling in the dirt as it grows and sprouts and continues as this fruit ripens to the perfect juicy strawberry ready to be picked. At the GROW station, you’ll learn all about the specifics of this process and how it’s possible for such a tiny seed to become the fruit we all know and love. In order to do this, you’ll participate in a series of fun physical activities meant to demonstrate this fruits’ life from seedling to ripe strawberry! 

The EAT station

Once the strawberries are ripe, of course, the next step is to eat them! At the EAT station, you’ll be guided by a chef who will teach your family all about the different strawberry varieties there are to be enjoyed. You’ll even get to sample them, as well as experiment with bold and unique flavors by combining different toppings to compliment the taste of the berries! 

The MAKE station 

Lastly, stop by the MAKE station to show your appreciation to this seasonal fruit by tapping into your creativity. Here, you’ll join a “Strawberry Jam” and use musical instruments to celebrate this incredibly versatile and nutritious treat. Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry! A musician will join your party at this station to help you get started and guide you through a wonderful story of the day. 

U-pick strawberries

When we think of things to do in Orange County once the weather warms, many of us are quick to think of the classic U-pick fields and bringing home buckets of fresh ripe fruit. Luckily, you can experience this ultimate summertime activity while visiting the TASTE festival! Once you’re done working your way through the three different stations, you’ll be set to pick your own strawberries, including four different unique and organic varieties: Albion, San Andreas, Fronteras, and Camarosa. The Ecology Center will be selling these berries by the pound, so follow the vines and pick to your heart’s content! 

More important information 

Dates and times: 

This festival began on April 24 and is set to continue operations every weekend until the berries run out. Times vary depending on what time slot you book your tickets for. 


32701 Alipaz Street

San Juan Capistrano

CA 92675


Tickets are on sale for $15 per person and you can book them online here. It’s also important to note that this fee does not include the U-pick experience. U-Pick strawberries are an additional fee that will be sold by the pound. 

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