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Browse for Things to Do In and Around Orange County



Browse for Things to Do In and Around Orange County

Are you looking to spend your next vacation in Orange County?

Then this is for you. Find out the best things to do in and around Orange County. There, you will find all sorts of activities; sports, attraction parks, sightseeing. You have lots of places and firsts to conquer in this area!

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Check out the best activities you can do in and around Orange County!

Orange County’s Great Park

Your first destination should be Orange County’s, Great Park. You and your family can have some fun and enjoy some real adventure in the park.

Orange County’s Great Park has:

Visitors Center Pavilion: it offers guests a welcoming stop in which they can ride on the Carousel and the Great Park Balloon.

Historic Hanger 224: It was a squadron complex hanger a few years ago. Then it was redesigned into a 10,000 ft 2 event space.

Kids Rock Playground: You and your family can enjoy some time under misting shades structures and rock climbing. You can enjoy the view of illustrated streams and lakes while relaxing in the seating area that is made from recycled runaway concrete.

Walkable Historical Timeline: As you walk ahead, you will get to have an overview of 162 historical events.

Reflecting Ponds and Viewing Pier:  The reflecting ponds will take your mind away with that redwood viewing pier.

Also, you do not want to miss The Great Park Balloon. One of The Great Park’s incredible activities. The balloon can carry up to 3 passengers to fly up 400 feet above. Up there, you will have a better view of your surrounding landscape. The Great Park Balloon is nothing like you have seen before.

It is said that soon the Great park would be New York’s Central Park’s greatest rival!

If you are looking for a place to have fun, then head over to The Great Park. Your spirits will naturally get high and mighty from all the firsts you will get to experience there.

Knott’s Berry Farm 

You can never miss California’s 1st theme park Knott’s Berry Farm. It is one of the best things to do in Orange County.  Looking back, it all started with a small berry farm that has grown to become a family theme park. You can enjoy yourself in Old West Ghost Town as you taste the delicious boysenberries in your mouth. Not to forget, your dinner should be at one of their famous fried chicken dinners. They are absolutely mouthwatering.

Ride in the farm’s first-class roller coasters, and amuse yourself with entertaining stage shows and delicious food creations. Additionally, Timber Mountain Log Ride will leave you open-mouthed as it features trills and new scenes. Then head to the new Boardwalk area, you will find some entertaining attractions.

What really makes this farm special is Camp Snoopy, home of the peanut gang, as he puts a smile on your face with teensy-weensy adventures in a Sierra setting. Also, watch out for the bandits in the Old West Ghost Town **wink-wink**

When you’re in Orange County, there are some other places that you cannot miss, just a quick drive south to San Diego County: 

 San Diego Botanic Garden

USA’s top 10 gardens worth traveling for. You will get the chance to have a look at all the magnificent foliage including desert gardens, California’s plants, tropical rainforest, unique bamboo groves, tender gardens, coastal sage, semi-tropical fruit garden, and herb garden. If you are in the company of kids, your kids will fall madly in love with these green areas especially the Hamilton Children’s Garden with its interesting crafts, climbing structures, and a petting zoo. With no doubt, your kids will love to join the newly introduced scavenger hunt.

Here are some of the Gardens you will find at San Diego’s Botanic Gardens:

  • Bamboo Garden: Enjoy the wide collection of Bamboo in your nation. The giant timber bamboos will surely leave you breathless.
  • Hamilton Children’s Garden: let the jungle nature of Toni’s Tree House envelope you as you watch live quails. Then, fill your eyes with the magnificent view of the mountain stream while enjoying some music in the background. In Hamilton Children’s Garden, nature will leave you breathless.
  • African Garden: You will spot unique African plants, your eyes have never witnessed them before including African tulip trees, cycads, and water-smart succulents.
  • Bird and Butterfly Garden: Enjoy the captivating nature of the sound of hummingbirds and butterflies flying all around you.

Check out their website to know more about their events and classes!

San Diego Speed Boat Adventures

Fancy yourself flying across the water in your own Speed Boat! Then, make San Diego Speed Boat Adventures tour your next destination. You will enjoy the thrill as you experience a one-of-a-kind experience.

There, you can go on with your own speedboat on a narrated Bay Tour. Of course, for your own safety, you will always have one of our guides ahead of you. We have a two-way radio that you can use to unfold all the breathtaking sights. You will get to see the Navy Ships, Coronado Bridge, the aircraft museum, the magnificent sight of the historic ships of the Maritime Museum, the famous star of India the downtown skyline, the cruise ship, and the terminal, Seaport Village. You will witness all these beautiful views while driving your own speedboat!

Consider merging your accommodation or hotel with San Diego Speed Boat Adventure. It will save you lots of money.

IFLY Oceanside Indoor Skydiving

iFLY Oceanside Indoor Skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Can you imagine yourself flying, and in an indoor area? The childish dream of flying has finally come true. You will finally get to experience the excitement and the freedom of floating in the air with two wings on your back.

It first started as Skyventure, LLC, in 1988. Then a stable cushion of air in the flight room was created. Then the official first indoor experience opened in 1999, and then the business evolved by time as we got to open multiple facilities in Canada, Europe, the US, and Asia later.  

Do not fear this new experience! You will have a flight instructor with you all the time. All the flight instructors are well-trained and have the IBA (International Bodyflight Association) certificate. You will also be trained in our classrooms. You will get to learn the proper positions and the signals that the instructor will use to guide you.

After your intensive training, instructors will have you at the Gear Up counter to have your flight suit, goggles, and helmet. And finally, you are free to rock n’ roll in the air for two whole hours. Remember that you can enjoy flying freely and worry-free as long as you stick to what your trainers have instructed.

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