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The Best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo Can Correct Neck Problems



The Best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo Can Correct Neck Problems

This is dedicated to your amazing incredible neck.  To become a Mission Viejo Chiropractor, we have to take anatomy classes.  The neck is such a complicated area that one semester is spent learning the entire body from the neck down.  The next semester is solely about the head and neck.    

The reason I say that is because your neck is packed with all kinds of things:  bones, nerves, blood vessels, glands, your voice box, esophagus, trachea, disc, connective tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and many other structures.  

On top of that, your neck balances your heavy head as it turns, tilts, and twists without damaging its vital parts.  

There are 7 bones including the top one, C1 also called the atlas and C2 known as the axis.  These 2 bones work together with the other 5 to allow you to move in all of those many different directions.

All of your vertebrae are working together to balance your head and protect your spinal cord, which is an extension of your brain.  This area is extremely important because a spinal cord injury can result in serious injury, paralysis, or even death.  

As the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, I am known for correcting neck problems in a very exact way.  The openings in your neck are very small.  So, an exact correction must be done, in my opinion, rather than the manual “popping and cracking” from traditional chiropractic adjustments.  

If your neck structure is even slightly out of alignment, that can cause head, neck, face, shoulder, elbow, arm wrist, hand and finger pain; numbness; pins and needles; increased sensitivity, or other symptoms. 

I jokingly say after finding many neck problems on the x-ray that “I thought the patient had their head on straight” until I looked at the picture.  

Really it is no joke.  Our neck can get out of alignment in many different ways.  It could be a difficult birth, a fall even as a child, an accident, working in one position for a long time, and emotional tension.  

The most common one that I have seen in my 38 years of practice is the whiplash injury.  Auto accident victims complain of headaches, vision problems, dizziness, ringing in the ears, decreased attention span, learning and memory impairments, emotional changes, nasal, tongue and throat problems, and many others.

I know it doesn’t sound good.  But I am known as the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo because I correct these things and get people back to normal living.  All of that with only 6 ounces of pressure during the adjustment, and a combination of disc rehabilitation and massage.  

If your neck has been out of alignment for a long time, like from an auto accident years ago, unless your neck has been truly corrected, you will develop arthritic changes and disc problems.

It never fails that I will see a patient who has neck pain for the last 3-months, and he tells me that he had an auto accident 20 years ago, but the pain has been gone for a long time.  

The pain went away, but he never got his neck corrected.  That’s why he is in my office today to actually fix a 20-year-old problem.  The most common cause of disc problems anywhere in your spine is uncorrected misalignments.  

That is why I am known as the chiropractor who corrects people.  Once you are corrected fully, most people only need 2 visits per year, like going to the dentist, to remain well and keep the problem from ever coming back.  

The standard Medical approach is often pain killers and muscle relaxants.  Of course, all of those have terrible side effects.  Another form of treatment that is prescribed is Physical Therapy.  

I have a daughter who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Yet, she knows that if there is a spinal problem, physical therapy will not correct it.  These people need to see me.  

Of course, the worst cases proceed to have neck surgery.  Often this includes metal plates and screws.

I had one patient who had terrible neck pain radiating to his shoulder and all the way down his arm.  I remember this one because it was so severe.  I examined him and took x-rays and felt that I could help him.  So, I treated him a couple of times with a small amount of relief.  

The next day a went over his x-rays and his treatment plan and asked him, “What do you want to do with this problem?”  He went on to tell me that the first thing he needed to do was cancel his surgery.  I asked him when it was scheduled.  He told me, “today at 1:00”.  

That was 13 years ago.  He is fully recovered.  He never needed the surgery.  He has no pain.  He lives in Texas and travels around the country with his wife while working remotely on the computer any place he stops.  I see him with no neck, shoulder, or arm pain every 6 months for his maintenance.  

This could be you.  However, in order to see if we could solve your neck problem and the related issues you may be suffering from, you must call and make an appointment. 

If you mention this blog, the 1st visit including the consultation, examination, and x-rays is normally $290.  But, if you mention this article, the whole cost is only $25.  It could save you from serious trouble in your future if we could help you now.

I won’t know until I see you.

All the best,

Dr. David C. Manago D. C.

Mission Viejo Chiropractor 

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