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Mother’s Day Ideas When in Quarantine



Mother’s Day Ideas When in Quarantine

In the period of COVID-19, celebrations will appear to be a little unconventional than usual, and Mother’s Day is no exception. The spread of coronavirus might stop you from leaving your home and being around older relatives, but it will never prevent you from celebrating the mothers in your life. 

Whether you’re isolating together or, sadly, apart, there are plenty of fun things to do and ways you can show Mom that you love her. Thus, a quarantine Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be depressing. That also doesn’t mean you should abandon your Mother’s Day ideas altogether! So here are some a list of some unique gifts and virtual celebration activities to bring your whole family together safely this year. 

Digitize Family Recipes

Sure, taking them out for dinner is a no-no so digitize the family recipes. Undoubtedly, when you are having more home-cooked meals than ever, it’s the perfect time to digitize your family’s favorite recipes—a fantastic idea to preserve unique family food traditions.

Try candle making

Designing and building candles from scratch is one of the things to do that is incredibly unique. Crafting experience is one of the Mother’s Day activities that you can do in the house; no Mother’s Day ideas list would be complete without the word “candle.”

Turn homework into homemade gifts

With many parents now helping their children learn at home,

turning an assignment or “homework” into a gift is an excellent double-dip. Some of the remote learning activities that are reasonably easy to convert one into a Mother’s Day gift- building vegetable garden signs during craft time, a rock candy for an easy science experiment, or writing a story dedicated to Mom.

Host a tea party. Choose a tea theme with a dessert or snack. 

This is one of the things to do that is classic and timeless on Mother’s Day celebration. It may typically take place at a fancy hotel, but it can quickly be done in your home. If you’re spending the day apart from the mom you’re honoring, have everyone dress up and host the party virtually.

Unwind with knitting and stitching. 

Maintaining your health is very important during this quarantine season. Even though this isn’t the gold standard for Mother’s Day present ideas, it sure is a fun and creative way to ensure that when your mom leaves the house, she’s staying as safe as possible. Buying up surgical masks en masse can put a strain on the supply and demand for hospitals. So this Mother’s day, learn some basic stitching and sewing techniques while making a face mask out of recycled and upcycled materials of her choice! Choose live classes online to show her how to weave, or help her discover the joy of punch needle embroidery! 

Showing your Mother you care about her shouldn’t be stressful, and Mother’s Day 2020 is no different. There are a lot of live classes online which allows you to show your Mum how much you care without compromising her health. So whether it’s giving her the gift of art, helping her create her candles, or teaching her the methods of making a quirky face mask, we are here to help with all your Mother’s Day ideas.

These suggested things to do for Mother’s Day can make your mom still feel appreciated and allow them to get through the community quarantine with a bit of a smile on their faces.

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