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How Businesses Can Turn Time Into Opportunity During Quarantine



How Businesses Can Turn Time Into Opportunity During Quarantine

We admit that social distancing is essential for the health of our communities. Still, it’s been catastrophic for many small businesses that rely on in-person activities to thrive. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The story is global from restaurants to gift shops to cleaning services; businesses in communities around our country and the world have shuttered or have had to completely upend their standard plans and strategies to figure out how to survive this crisis. 

While coronavirus quarantines have forced many to close their doors, check out these things to do, including ideas, tips, and resources to help your business survive and adapt during this time. 

Try to reach out to your clients to check in on them

Your customers are more probably as worried and lost as you are right now with all the dilemma caused by the virus and quarantine. One of the things to do is to offer them some alternatives for rescheduling their date, answer any questions they may have, and work on finding a compromise that works for both of you. Remember, always to be kind and give guidance. And best, if you can also consider formulating an FAQ page or article for your clients which will provide answers on the most important questions they may have at this time.

Get active on social media

Check-in on your followers or your prospects, clients, and friends ask them how they are doing and feeling during this quarantine period. Try to find out the type of content they would like to see from you.

During this pandemic, it is also the best opportunity to show compassion. So, share your knowledge. Have that humility for your clients and community. Try to serve them in ways you can; it will all come back! With conferences and workshops canceled or postponed, share some of it via an article, Instagram or Facebook live, or maybe offer a free or discounted mentoring session.

We rise by lifting others, and so many people right now need that extra hand of help.

Expand Your Market

In any case, your existing clientele will not be able to make use of your products or services. So pivot to helping clients in different sectors or roll out additional services. Think of the big picture and consider how your business can position itself to help people through this crisis. And as a result, you’ll also help get your business through this crisis. The demand isn’t as high as usual, but it allows all of us to continue operating during this unprecedented period.

Develop a new product or service for your business. Surely, it would be one of the things to do in addition to your primary client offerings. It could be prints, albums, other add-ons, or something which you have never done, or had the time to sit down before.

Consider New Ways To Deliver Your Product Or Service

Many dine-in restaurants and bars are offering online ordering and curbside pickup. But other businesses need something more personal. So one of the things to do is to try offering your services online. It is an excellent way to retain existing customers during social distancing, and at the same time opening your market to people outside of your geographic area.

Partner With Other Businesses

Some struggling businesses, restaurants are partnering with other, less-affected businesses. This partnership gives them a way to serve their customers safely.

While this crisis can be overwhelming and scary, it’s a real awakening call in terms of reevaluating everything. A strong business needs a solid foundation. It is the only way it can survive in the long run. So stay at home, stay safe, and take care of your health as it’s your most important business investment. 

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