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If You Have Tried The Rest, It’s Time To Try The Best Chiropractor In Mission Viejo

Trust Only The Best Chiropractor In Mission Viejo


If You Have Tried The Rest, It’s Time To Try The Best Chiropractor In Mission Viejo

When it comes to finding a Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, there is an old saying, “You have tried the rest.  Now try the best”, and most of our patients have been to as many as 3 or 4 other Chiropractors before being referred to us.  

Then again, people say Dr. Manago is the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo. But our success is because we run our business for our customers first, with 2 guiding principles:  First of all, we treat all of our patients as if they are family. A customer’s well-being is the most important part of being a doctor, and so making sure the patient is happy and comfortable is the first step to any successful operation. 

Secondly, we are very thorough, and I make sure that a patient has a correctable problem before we start. We do this through a complete examination and 2 full-spine x-rays, so there will be no guesses. Then, I do my best to make sure the patient understands what needs to be fixed by showing them the x-ray scans and a written treatment plan necessary to correct the problem.  By the time the patient becomes a regular they will understand and feel comfortable with every step of the procedure. 

Once we get through the Relief section of the treatment and the patient is feeling better, we take a progress x-ray to demonstrate to them their progress side-by-side with a doctor. It is remarkable to compare the improvement in a patient to be the new and original scans!  We always reveal the results directly.  

Once a patient is corrected, he or she only need between 2 and 4 recurring treatments per year, with our long-term patients stopping by only 2 times per year for maintenance. Most of them have no pain at all by then.  

Chiropractor Mission Viejo is located in the best of locations. The people are very forward-moving and very family-oriented as well.  We treat all types of spine-related problems, with many patients reporting improved health regardless of whether they had symptoms before their treatment.  The most common conditions include lower back pain, neck pain, digestive problems, sinus trouble and allergies, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and numbness or tingling.  The most prominent condition that occurs in almost everybody’s spine is a disc problem, which we rehabilitate as well!  

Call for an appointment with the best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, with the first visit being only $25. We offer FREE phone consultations to anyone who calls.     

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