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Essential Shops for the Modern Woman at 5 Points Plaza Orange County



Essential Shops for the Modern Woman at 5 Points Plaza Orange County

Orange County shopping centers are where every modern woman can find her favorite items! Brace yourself for the beauty and fashion inspo ahead!

If you are in Orange County and looking to fill your wardrobe, 5 Points Plaza is the place to go!! The Plaza isn’t just a mall but an entire lifestyle center that support all your needs as modern woman. Since 1961, the venue has provided a perfect blend of value, convenience, and style, with 36 different stores ranging from home decor outlets to Spas. Whether you are looking for a new summer dress, a power suit, or an outfit for your child, a day at 5 Point Plaza is a day well spent. See below to find the best spots that you should visit!! 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Affinity & Co. Jewelers 

This family-owned business has branches in South Africa, Latvia, and now beautiful Orange County! Affinity & Co. Jewelers brings luxury jewelry to a place close to home, and specializes in pendants, custom jewelry, and wedding rings. Finding your favorite jewelry should be one of the most important things to do when you are in Orange County. If you desire dazzling necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or a spectacular ring, you should stop by the Affinity & Co. Jewelers. 

Style your Child – GapKids

Head onto GapKids if you want a new outfit for the toddler or your favorite niece. The store offers trendy designs for kidswear with a range of styles and vibrant clothing that your kids will love, and with a whole variety of seasonal picks to boot!

Living off the Wall – Vans

Head to Vans if you are looking for footwear that is both practical and stylish! Over the past few decades, Vans has perfected it streetwear apparel and footwear, and offers comfortable clothing, durable shoes, and logo-filled accessories for a perfect head-to-toe looks. Van creates products that are perfect for your laid-back excursions through Orange County, and is a star of the 5 Points Plaza!

Self-Care Starts Here – Bath & Body Works 

Bath & Body Works is the one-stop shop for all your beauty and fragrance products! From skin lotions to scented candles, Bath & Body Works has been at the forefront of personal and home enrichment for nearly 30 years. Essential body care products from spitz to bath bombs are not to be missed, and you will find versatile scents from Sea Island Cotton to Peach Bellini that spruce up your home. If you are looking for products that will help you relax and enjoy your home, Bath & Body Works is for you!

I loft this look – LOFT 

If you are looking for some skinny ankle pants or the long-textured blazer, LOFT is the place to go! It is the center of the feminine, modern clothing, and career wear. Since 1998, LOFT has been helping women to boost their confidence and style, selling gorgeous outfits with playful details and defined silhouettes that help women make a statement that is both personal and professional.  

Stand Your Ground – World of Earth Footwear 

The World of Earth Footwear provides shoes that help alleviate bad posture while also making a fashion statement. You will find a full line of style and comfortable Kalso Earth Shoes, sporty sneakers, and desirable sandals. World of Earth also has versatile shoes that are suitable for your weekend fun and work days, with shoes that will help you stabilize, proper, and absorb the perfect spring in your step so that you can enjoy your weekend things to do you plan all day long!

Zumiez Through – Adidas 

Ever feel nostalgic for that three-striped tracksuit you had back in High School? Well lucky for you Adidas is in the Plaza! Since 1978, the chain has focused on elevated and innovative designs that are suitable for any outdoor, active lifestyle. Find the latest shoes, accessories, and clothing that will elevate your fashion while supplementing your look with brands such as FILA, Vans, Adidas, and Champion at the Zumiez. 

Home decor that sparks Zen – Pier 1 imports 

Are you ready to give your home the perfect touch? Visit Pier 1 Import to help spruce up your home! This store curates handcrafted and unique products including elegant lightings, art pieces, tableware, and furniture. Head on to Pier 1 Imports to test out smell scented candles, feel luxurious rugs, and test out a new sofa. Come figure out your new dream home today!

Captivated by Charm – Charming Charlie

Looking to add some color to your wardrobe? Then head on down to Charming Charlie! Since 2004 Charming Charlie has helped women boost their confidence with vibrant clothing, versatile accessories, custom jewelry, handbags, and vibrant clothing. Add a pop of your favorite color today by visiting Charming Charlie!

Nailed It – Glitz Nail Bar & Spa

Anyone who loves their nail care should stop by Glitz Nail Bar & Spa for a Natural Gel Extension! Glitz Nail Bar & Spa uses non-toxic, organic, and chemical free products for the ultimate skincare services. With over 2000 kinds of gels, clients can get customized pedicures and manicures bringing glam and glitz for freshly-painted nails. Stay on for the Spa services, and give a go at their at their eyelash extensions, waxing, facials, and massages after admiring a new set of acrylics! 

Do you have other shopping goals and things to do in Orange County that we have missed in our list? If shopping is more than enough, then get your perfect swimwear and hire used car dealerships in Orange County to head to the beach!

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