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Home Decor Shops At SoCal That’ll Channel Your Inner Zen



Home Decor Shops At SoCal That’ll Channel Your Inner Zen

Fuel your soul with the modern, edgy, and unique home decor items that spark Zen!

Looking for a perfectly hand-stitched pillow to cuddle with, a custom-made chair to relax in, or a refurbished chandelier to accent your home? Search no further! These shops will give you the perfect home that you have always longed for, for whether you need a rustic or homey style, an edgy or a modern one, you will surely find something that fits perfectly with your home. Although each of these stores offers something different, they each vow to enhance your home decor and provide the quality that you and your loved ones deserve. 

Decor helps you connect to your living space, should reflect your taste and personality. If you  are in or around Orange County, here is our list of things to do in stores where you will find the best accessories, candles, furniture, baskets, plants, and wall-hangings for your home decor. 

Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys is the expert in French and continental-inspired Home decor, with an extensive inventory ranging from candles, wall hangings, to decorative jewelry. The store offers a style that would make Magnolia proud, but you do not need a Joana Gaines to make your house look amazing! Fleur de Lys are not just famous for their home decor items but also their unique, creative gifts that would be perfect for any loved one, with the shop wrapping your gift in decoration for free. Are you planning to redesign your home? Then make sure you come check out Fleur de Lys today!

Furnishing America

Okay, so maybe not everyone wants to make their house look like the Versailles. That is where Furnishing America comes in! Furnishing America is the place to go if you are looking to transform your home decor on a budget. With an array of beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs, tables, dressers, and entertainment centers, the store has all the pieces that you need to turn your home from good to great. And if transportation and installation seem hectic have no fear! For Furnishing America offers delivery services and furnishing and will assemble your furniture for you at your home. 

Uni Home Store 

Uni Home Store offers a chic collection to update your home decor with designer lights, sheets, pillows, wall art, and rugs to give your home a unique look. You will also find a considerable collection of chairs, tables, beds, and sofas, to add ultimate comfort to your home. If Christmas is around the corner, you can get the favorite gift among a notable selection of books, hats, jewelry items, flowers, and cards for your loved ones. 

Best in Show – Revivals 

Revivals is reinventing resale by offering a unique mixed century shopping experience with a purpose! You can select your favorite decor items from three local stores while shopping, resale furniture, and vintage items. Revivals have been voted as the Best Vintage Store, and Best Resale Stores by Orange County locals. In addition, donating, volunteering, and shopping at Revivals benefits the Desert AIDS Project, supporting AIDS treatment and healthcare services for the Coachella Valley. 

More like shop until you drop? Head to Draughtsman to chow down some grub after a long day of shopping. 

Bohemian Paradise – Thick as Thieves 

Thick and Thieves offers only the trendiest in new-age bohemian styles. From hanging pieces of art to the beautiful planters of succulents, this place will not only spruce up your home but also garner a ton of favorites on your insta feed!

Trend Setter – Palm Canyon Galleria 

Are you looking for the velvet lounge chair to add up a little spice to your living room? Well, look no further! Palm Canyon Galleria covers home decor styles from a broad range including European, American, and Asian mid-century decor. 

That’s So Vintage – Lindy 

There are a variety of things to do in Orange County, and getting the vintage items may not be first on your list. For the treasure hunter in all of us, however, Lindy is a paradise for antique admirers. If you are a sentimental type, you must check their collection, and you can easily stroll through the Thirteen Forty-Five. 

Designer Everything

Christopher Kennedy Design has the ultimate collection of modern style decor items. You can’t be more thrilled to visit the retail store and studio located in Palm Springs. The store has fans flocking from all over Southern California, so what are you waiting for? Get the best decor items to beautify your home! 

Fit For Royalty – Grace Home Furnishings

Grace Home Furnishings offers not only the finest in decorative items, but you can even your own custom designed pieces! Even better, you will get advice from in-house designers at the Grace Home Furnishing, and beyond their decorative items you will also the store a warm and inviting space, with an aesthetic of refinement, comfort, and elegance. All you need is “The Crown” playing in the background and a fancy cup of tea to feel like royalty at Grace Home Furnishings!

Desert Vibes – BKB Handcrafted

Wellness gurus and adventure-seekers beware, you can now find the perfect ceramics for your home! The natural atmosphere and tranquility provide a space that is unforgettable, and BKB has some amazing handmade pieces to fill your home. 

So what things have you planned to do in OC during your next trip? Before you leave the city, make sure you enjoy a beach day and Toyota dealer Riverside CA can help you make your dream come true. 

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