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For Bee Removal Orange County Has Come To Rely On The Bee Man

Homes Sometimes Need Bee Removal Orange County Services

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For Bee Removal Orange County Has Come To Rely On The Bee Man

When some people look at a summer field filled with wildflowers, they’ll naturally focus on the picturesque quality of the natural world on display. But there’s a select group of others that will only shudder at the bees hovering over the field, going about their business pollinating the crocuses and lilacs. These are the unfortunates that are allergic to bee stings, and for them, this is not a matter to be taken lightly. These people need to be on the lookout whenever they’re out of doors, because for them, what’s known as bee poisoning is a real possibility. This is a severe reaction that can come about from bee sting venom. Typically, a person would not be in any danger from this, but for those who are allergic, it can pose a serious threat. It can also happen to people who are stung by many bees at the same time.


Bee Poisoning Can Be Life Threatening In Extreme Cases


Most people aren’t overly afraid of bees, and there’s not typically any reason to be. Bees don’t attack humans for no reason. The most normal cause for a person to get stung is if they accidentally irritate the bee by bumping it or otherwise coming into contact with it, or if they get too close to the hive and the bees become protective of their home. If there are bees that have set up shop inside your house, it’s not good for anyone: not the bees, who would be better suited elsewhere, and not any of the human residents either. Nobody likes getting stung, but for those people who are allergic, the threat is dire. Among the symptoms of bee poisoning are hives, headache, fainting or dizziness, and difficulty breathing. In the most extreme cases, a weak or rapid heart rate and loss of consciousness can occur. These problems are more likely to happen in adults than in children.


These are reasons why, if you discover that bees are living in your home, under the eaves, for instance, or in your attic or garage, you need to contact the professionals for bee removal Orange County. You can rely on The Bee Man for these services, and we’ve had the most experience safely relocating both yellow jackets and wasps. It goes without saying that those with bee sting allergies need to get a hive removed without delay, but no one wants to share a home with these winged invaders. It’s always possible that you might have an allergy to bee stings of which you were unaware, but hopefully, you’ll never have to find out. Call us 24/7, and we’ll safely remove and relocate the offending insects.    


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