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Orange County Residents Who Need Bee Removal Should Read This

If You Live In Orange County, The Time May Come When You Need Bee Removal

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Orange County Residents Who Need Bee Removal Should Read This

In the warmer months, bees are more active, and it can be quite pleasant to hear them droning about in your garden or a public park in Orange County. But if you hear that droning coming from somewhere inside your house, then it’s time for bee removal, and the sooner, the better. Although bees are not generally aggressive, their stings are painful, and if you’ve never been stung before, you don’t know if you might have an allergic reaction. Here are some things you should keep in mind about bees if you encounter them in your home.


When Are Bees Most Hostile?


The bees in Orange County won’t usually try to tangle with humans, but there are certain situations where you’ll see increased hostility from them. If there’s a lack of plants and flowers nearby that produce nectar, the bees will become more aggressive. This shortage will cause them to start attacking other hives to steal their nectar supplies. The bees being attacked will release a pheromone that will cause them to be more aggressive in turn. If you are anywhere near this war of the bees, look out. You might get stung just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


If the bees don’t have a queen at the moment, that’s going to up their hostility as well. A colony in transition, which to say a hive without an active queen, lacks leadership. Boisterous bees will sting more quickly than those who have a leader to keep them under control.


Finally, heat, rain, and high humidity can all cause bees to become irritable. That’s why there are probably more bee stings toward the end of the summer than at any other time. Bees that are living in your walls, attic, or near your backyard or garage will all be more likely to sting if the heat index is on the rise.


If you run into bees anywhere on your property then you need to think about bee removal, but in reality, there’s not going to be any way for you to know if the ones you’re encountering are currently at war with another tribe or they lack a queen. You should regard any bee you see as potentially dangerous; you don’t need to go running and screaming when you encounter one, but at the same time, you need to treat them with respect and remain cautious when one is near you. If the bees are in your house, however, there is no time to lose. If you see a few bees, it’s more than likely that there are many more that you don’t see. Then it’s time for bee removal Orange County because while bees are lovely and fascinating creatures, no one wants to share their personal space with them.


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