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Orange County Relies On Bee Removal If There’s Been A Home Invasion


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Orange County Relies On Bee Removal If There’s Been A Home Invasion

If you live somewhere where there are bees nearby, there’s no cause for concern, as these ordinarily gentle insects will keep to themselves if you don’t disturb them. They’re probably much more concerned with pollinating flowers than they are with anything you’re doing, Orange County residents. If you find that bees have invaded your home, however, that’s another story. Then it’s time to call in a bee removal expert who can safely get them out of your living space before you sustain a painful sting. In the meantime, make sure and take these precautions.


Don’t Do Anything To Attract Them


While you’re waiting on the bee removal service, don’t do anything that is going to get the bees riled up. Don’t put on any oils, lotions, scented soaps, or hair sprays. The sweet scent of any of those might make a bee curious. Bees see in the ultraviolet range, so don’t wear anything that’s brightly colored or floral patterned. If you look like a flower, that’s likely to get some attention from these flying invaders. Be very careful with food as well. Bees are attracted to soda cans, but a forgotten half of a sandwich left out somewhere may prove tantalizing as well.


Don’t Frighten Them


Bees are more prone to sting if they feel threatened. If you suddenly find yourself in proximity to a bee, don’t make any exaggerated or sudden movements. Step slowly and calmly back from the bee, or remain still until it has moved on. You can also try blowing gently at the bee. That will probably be enough to get it to fly off.


If you’re going to remain inside until the bee removal service comes, then wear shoes, Orange County residents. If you do accidentally step on one of the bees, this way you won’t get stung on a bare foot. Wearing long pants is a smart idea for similar reasons.


It’s not a bad idea to consider leaving the house entirely if there’s any kind of a high concentration of bees inside. More bees equal more possibility of getting stung, so exit the premises, stay with a friend or neighbor, and wait for the bee removal service to do their job.


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