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In Orange County, Bee Removal Must Be Handled Delicately


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In Orange County, Bee Removal Must Be Handled Delicately

If you are suddenly faced with a bee infestation in Orange County, it can be frightening. Most people understand that bees are not overtly aggressive toward humans, but that does not mean we want to be sharing our homes with the flying insects. Bee removal is something that you should never try and undertake yourself, especially if you have a swarm or a hive that has appeared somewhere in your house, garage, or elsewhere in your living space. Before calling the professionals, it is helpful to be able to identify some of the different kinds of bees so that you’ll know their characteristics.


Honey Bees


Honey bees are gentle and do not sting. They provide us with the honey that we use in many delicious foods and drinks. They are interested in pollinating flowers and making honey out of nectar. If you encounter them in your home, there is no need to be afraid, but bee removal will still be necessary since you don’t want to be living with them.


Yellow Jacket Wasps


These insects are much more aggressive than honey bees, and will sometimes sting without even being provoked. If you believe that the bee swarm or hive in your home is composed of yellow jackets, it is vital to keep a safe distance and to vacate the premises immediately. You’ll want to call an Orange County bee removal service without delay.


Carpenter Bees


Carpenter bees do not sting, but you definitely will want to call a professional to deal with them as soon as possible, since they burrow into wood and can cause a lot of damage if they show up indoors. They are sometimes mistaken for bumblebees, but you can tell them apart because of their smooth abdomens.




Bumblebees are a larger variety of bee that have fuzzy abdomens. They are not aggressive, and they tend to hover lazily in the vicinity of flowers that they are trying to pollinate. It’s rare to encounter them indoors, but it happens occasionally.


Whether you are dealing with the less dangerous varieties of bees or one of the aggressive species, you’ll need to contact Orange County bee removal services and stay out of their way until they have determined the best course of action. Like many forms of wildlife, bees are quite beautiful and fascinating creatures, but they’re still uninvited guests in your home. If you see them, don’t panic. Just call for help and keep clear of them until it arrives.  


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